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Public Web Bookings

Similar to the Public Booking Requests feature of MIDAS (allowing non-users to check availability and submit booking "requests" online), the Public Web Booking feature makes "confirmed" bookings (rather than booking "requests"), and includes an additional payment step allowing the individual to pay in order to instantly confirm their booking.

Once enabled, Public Web Bookings may be made via https://your_midas_url/book (where "your_midas_url" is the actual URL of your MIDAS)

In order to accept Web Bookings, you must first enable PayPal or Stripe integration (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Invoicing → Online Payments).

IMPORTANT: If you enable the PayPal option it is essential that you correctly configure PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notifications). Failure to do so will result in Web Bookings paid for via PayPal being lost.

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