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MIDAS Documentation v4.36

Manage Print Settings

The Print settings screen (accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Print) allows you to control how MIDAS produces print outs.

Sort By

When printing a list of bookings, by default the bookings are ordered by ascending start time. You can change this to instead sort printed booking lists by another booking field and / or in descending order instead.

Split resources into categories

Be default, when the "Resources" field is set to be included on printouts, all resources associated with a booking are printed in a single list. Enabling this setting will split the list of resources into categories (Equipment, Staffing, Consumables, etc) on printouts.

Emergency Evacuation Data (Accuracy)

Sets a time (in Minutes) either side of the current time in which to include bookings when printing Emergency Evacuation data. For example, set to "0 minutes", an Emergency Evacuation printout will only include bookings actually taking place at that point in time. However, if set to "15 minutes", such printouts will also include any bookings that ended within the last 15 minutes, or that are due to start within the next 15 minutes.

Emergency Evacuation Data should account for Setup / Breakdown times

This setting controls whether Setup and Breakdown times should be included when generating emergency evacuation data.

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