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Booking Availability

The "Booking Availability" screen shows a summary of the venue and resource availability for your proposed booking(s).

Date(s) / TimesVenueVenue AvailabilityResource Availability
12/7/16 @ 18:00 - 22:00Room 2Outside Operating Hours 
12/7/16 @ 18:00 - 22:00Room 3Availablex1 Laptop (Available)
x1 Projector (Available)
Send Booking Confirmation
Create Invoice

The "Venue Availability" column will show one of the following states:
AvailableThe venue/date/times you've specified are currently available for booking. When the "Book All Available" button is clicked, this booking will be added to the system
UnavailableThe booking would conflict with an existing booking, and so won't be added when the "Book All Available" button is clicked. Additionally, a small icon will be shown which if hovered over with your mouse will show details of the existing conflicting booking, in the Booking Information Panel
Outside Operating HoursThe specified times fall outside the venue's operating hours, and so this booking won't be added
Blocked By XThe booking you're attempting to make won't be added as another booking is taking place in the venue specified by X, and your administrator has prevented these two venues from being concurrently booked

The "Book all Available" button adds those bookings to MIDAS that are listed as being "Available", and then transfers you to view the date of the booking. Bookings that are not "Available" will not be added. Also, only resources that are listed as "Available" will be added to the booking(s).

If none of the desired dates / times / venues are available, the "Book All Available" button will be disabled, and you should use the "Change Booking" button to go back to the previous screen and allows you to make any alterations, before checking booking availability again.

Depending upon how your MIDAS administrator has configured MIDAS, additional options may also be present on the Booking Availability screen. These may include:

Booking Alternatives

In the event a proposed booking is shown as being "unavailable", you may also see an adjacent icon. Clicking this icon will display a list of alternative available times and / or venues from which you can select instead.

Send Booking Confirmation

If present and selected, an email booking confirmation will be sent to the client once the "Book All Available" button is clicked/tapped (This option will only be present if an email address exists for the client).
Additional cc recipients for booking confirmations may also be offered here. For more information, please see our blog post on additional recipients for booking confirmations.

Create Invoice

If present and selected, an invoice will automatically be created including all the bookings and resources listed as being "Available" once the "Book All Available" button is clicked/tapped.
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