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Merging Invoices

The "Merge Invoice" feature of MIDAS allows merging the contents of two unsent invoices for the same client into a single invoice.

To "merge" an invoice into another invoice:

  • Select the icon in the main toolbar.
  • On the invoicing screen, use the "Jump to Invoice" function to locate the specific unsent invoice you wish to merge into another, or use the "Show Invoices" drop-down to filter invoices held in MIDAS and locate this invoice from the results.
  • Click / tap the invoice's corresponding icon. (Note: This icon is only shown on unsent invoices for clients with at least one other unsent invoice)
  • You'll then be presented with a list of other unsent invoices for the client, from which you can select a target invoice for the current invoice to be merged into.
  • Click "Merge Invoice" to merge the invoice currently being viewed into the selected invoice.

Following a successful merge, items from the original invoice will be appended to the target invoice, and totals updated accordingly. The original invoice will then be removed from the system.

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