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Manage Booking Types

The "Manage Booking Types" screen (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Booking Types) allows you to set up and configure Booking "Types".

Grouping similar bookings together under a booking type makes them visually easier to identify in the booking grid, and can also affect the associated rates & charges levied for bookings of a particular type.

Additionally, you can also make bookings of a particular type "tentative".

Adding a New Booking Type

  • Click / tap the "New Type" button.
  • Proceed to enter a unique name for your new booking "type", and select a color for this type of booking from the color palette.
  • The "Booking Type Discount" field can be used to apply a fixed or a percentage discount to bookings of the selected type. For example, if you normally charge $100/hour to hire a room for corporate events, you could set up a "Community" booking type with a booking type discount of 60% meaning that the same room would only be charged at $40/hour if it's assigned your "Community" booking type.
  • Select "Save Changes" to save your new Booking Type. Once saved it will appear in the "All Booking Types" list, and be accessible throughout MIDAS.

Modifying a Booking Type

  • Select the Booking Type you wish to modify from the "All Booking Types" list.
  • The name and color of the selected Booking Type will then appear in the "Booking Type Details" area.
  • Enter a new name, select a new color, enter a new discount amount or rate, and / or change tentative booking settings then select "Save Changes"

If renaming a Booking Type, MIDAS will automatically change all existing bookings of the original booking type to that of the new Booking Type

Tip: Try to choose colors which are substantially different from each other in order to make bookings of each type easily distinguishable from each other in the booking grid

Making a Booking Type "Tentative"

If "Tentative Bookings" have been enabled, then you'll see some additional options on your Manage Booking Types screen.

Firstly, if the "Bookings of this type are 'tentative' and will auto-expire..." box is ticked for the currently selected Booking Type, subsequent bookings added that are assigned this booking type will be considered "tentative". Tentative bookings will only persist in the system for a limited time before being automatically removed if they've not been confirmed.

The duration (in minutes, hours, or days) that tentative bookings of the selected type will persist for before auto-expiring can be set using the options below this tick box.

You can also set whether the duration a tentative booking remains active for before being auto-expired should be measured from the point in time the tentative booking is added, or count back from the start time of the tentative booking.

For example, if a tentative booking is added to the system at 7am on a given day to take place at 4pm later that same day, then;

a) A booking type with a tentative persistence of "4 hours after being added", would mean that the booking would be automatically removed from the system if it hadn't been confirmed by 11am. or,

b) A booking type with a tentative persistence of "2 hours before booking is due to commence", would mean that the booking would be automatically removed if it hadn't been confirmed by 2pm.

Marking a Booking Type "Public"

If you've enabled the public request/booking features of MIDAS, and also enabled the Booking Type selector to show in these public areas, only those booking types which you also mark as "Public" will be included in the list of booking types available for selection on public request/booking screens. This allows you, for example, to "hide" your internal booking types from public selection.

Setting a Default Booking Type

If you set a particular booking type as the default, then if bookings are added without a booking type being selected (or if the booking type selector is hidden from the user entirely), the bookings will automatically be added under the booking type which has been set as the default.

Deleting a Booking Type

  • Select the Booking Type you wish to modify from the "All Booking Types" list.
  • Click / tap "Remove Type" to remove the selected Booking Type.
  • When a booking type is removed, you are given the option to also remove all bookings within MIDAS of that particular booking type
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