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Adding Clients

New Clients can be added to MIDAS in either of the following ways:
  1. When adding a new booking, clicking / tapping the icon alongside the "Client" field on the "Add Booking(s)" screen will pop open a new window allowing you to enter details for a new client. Once details have been entered select the "Add New Client" button at the bottom of this window to save the client. The window will close, and the client's name and organization will then be shown on the booking form, allowing you to make a booking for the new client.

  2. By searching for a client via the icon in the main toolbar. If the client you search for cannot be found in the database, an icon will be displayed, which when selected will allow you to enter details for a new client and add them to the database.

When adding a new client, the following fields are available by default:

ClientThe client's name
OrganizationThe organization / company the client belongs to
AddressThe client or organization's postal/mailing address
PhoneThe client or organization's telephone number
CellThe client's mobile / cellular phone number
EmailThe client's email address. Multiple email addresses may be added for a client by entering each address on a separate line

Tip: If you wish to be able to send booking confirmations, email invoices, or contact clients via email directly from within MIDAS, a valid email address must be specified for your clients
Email RemindersThe "e-mail Reminders" setting can be used in conjunction with Scheduled Tasks to automatically send the client reminders of their upcoming bookings and / or unpaid invoices
Current CreditThis field allows you to maintain a line of "credit" for the client. This amount will then automatically be deducted from subsequent invoices for the client, until the Current Credit reaches zero
Invoice ToBy default, bookings for this client will also be invoiced to this client. Use the "Invoice To" option if you wish invoices for this client's bookings to instead go to a different client. This is useful in instances where the client whom a booking is for differs from the person/organization to be invoiced for their booking
Tax ExemptThis option, if enabled, will exclude tax from being charged on invoices for the client
Default Booking TypeWhen selecting a client on the Add/Modify Bookings screen, you may also separately select a booking type. The "Default Booking Type" setting however allows you to have a certain booking type "preselected" whenever this client is chosen

A user may still go on to manually change a selected booking type on their Add/Modify Bookings screen (unless you also hide the Booking Type field from them)
Client NotesAn area to record additional information or internal notes relating to this client

Tip: You can also add your own custom client fields
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