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Notification Center

Selecting the icon in the main toolbar opens the Notification Center.

The Notification Center consists of three sections:


This section displays internal messages you've received from other MIDAS users. You can create and leave a new message for another user by using the small icon.


This section displays reminders of important bookings you've chosen to be reminded of, and any other custom reminders you have set. To create a custom reminder, use the small icon.


This section displays activity for the venues, booking types, and / or resources you are currently "watching" for booking activity, as well as notifications of low consumable levels. Use the small icon to adjust your Watch settings.

See Also: Watches

Tip: Clicking / tapping on the "Messages", "Reminders", or "Watches" icons will show/hide notifications in those categories

Tip: Numbers on the "Messages", "Reminders", or "Watches" icons denote how many live items are currently contained within that section


The icon in the upper right corner of the Notification Center allows you to change notification center settings.

The "Also send messages I receive to my email" and "Also send new watches to my email" options, if selected, will also send to your email address any messages and watch notifications you respectively receive. If the "Only if I'm not logged in" options are additionally selected, you'll only be sent these notifications when you're not logged in.

The "Send Booking Reminders as Calendar events to my email" option will cause booking reminders you set to be sent to your email inbox as Calendar events. If you email software has a companion calendar application (i.e. Outlook/Thunderbird Lightning, etc), you'll be able to add these reminders directly to your companion calendar.

By default, if you have Messages, Reminders or Watches, these will be displayed to you whenever you log in to MIDAS. You can suppress this popup by unticking the "Show notifications popup on login" box.

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