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MIDAS Documentation v4.34

System Requirements

We offer two editions of MIDAS, a "self-hosted" edition as well as a "cloud-hosted" edition.

For our "cloud-hosted" edition, there's nothing to install! - All you need to be able to use MIDAS is a connection to the internet and a modern web browser, and all major browsers are supported too!

Supported Browsers (and recommended versions):

Google Chrome (112+)
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (112+)
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox (112+)
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari (16+)
Apple Safari
Opera (95+)

Your browser must also have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

For our "self-hosted" software edition (where MIDAS is instead installed and run on your own server), in addition to the above browser requirements, your server will need to meet the minimum server requirements.

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