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Manage Miscellaneous Settings

The "Miscellaneous Settings" screen (accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Miscellaneous) contains a number of additional settings which may be adjusted in your MIDAS system.

PDF Generation

Your MIDAS system has the ability to generate PDF files. For example, when emailing an invoice to a client, the invoice can be sent as a PDF attachment.

NOTE: Self Hosted customers may first need to install additional components. For more information, please see: How to install prerequisites for PDF generation support

Location of wkhtmltopdf

This setting allows you to tell MIDAS to location of "wkhtmltopdf" on your server. For more information, please see: How to install prerequisites for PDF generation support

This setting is only available in self-hosted editions

Page Orientation

Specify whether PDF files should be generated in either Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Page Size

Set the page size for generated PDF files.

Page Margins

Set page margins (in either Millimeters or Inches) for generated PDF files. Take care not to set the margins to big, otherwise, blank PDFs may be generated.


MIDAS can notify users if their browser is obsolete (their browser version is less than the minimum version supported by MIDAS) or falls short of the recommended version to get the best experience out of MIDAS. If these options are selected, and the user's browser falls short of the minimum/recommended versions, a small bar will be displayed across the top of their MIDAS, prompting them to update their browser to the latest version.

Miscellaneous Settings

Enable links for phone numbers (Skype integration)

If enabled, phone/cell numbers displayed within MIDAS will become clickable/tappable (prefixed with callto://). If you have compatible software installed on your device, such as Skype, clicking / tapping these numbers within MIDAS will initiate a call to the corresponding number.

Maximum Search Results To Display Per Page

Sets a limit on the number of search results to display per page when searching for clients/bookings, listing invoices, or viewing pending booking requests, etc.

Maximum File Upload Size

If a custom "file" field has been defined (to allow attaching of files/documents to bookings), this setting controls the maximum size of file that users will be permitted to attach to bookings.

File Uploads are only available in self-hosted editions of MIDAS

Keep Temporary Logs For

Specifies for how many days MIDAS will keep logs, such as "Recent Activity", a record of "Deleted Bookings" (for restore), and certain "Statistics" etc. Higher settings will keep logs for longer, but will take up more server space, and may reduce performance. Note: This does not affect your actual bookings

Reference Booking Reminders sent as Calendar events back to UTC

By default, when a user sends a Booking Reminder to their external calendar, the times included in the calendar event match those booked in MIDAS.

However, depending upon how your external calendar is configured and the timezone its running in, you may find that the times included in the emailed calendar event are offset.

To fix this, enable the "Reference Booking Reminders sent as Calendar events back to UTC". MIDAS will then adjust times sent within calendar events back to UTC, based on your current timezone settings in MIDAS.

Enable Debug Logging

This option is only available in self-hosted editions
Three different error logging levels are available through this setting. These are:
  • Client - Any error messages which are generated client-side (i.e. in users browsers) when using the software will be logged.
  • Core - Any error messages which are generated by MIDAS will be logged.
  • Client + Core - Both client-side and MIDAS generated errors will be logged.
Setting Debug Logging to "Off" disables debug logging.

Debug logging should typically only be enabled if instructed by MIDAS support to troubleshoot a problem with your system
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