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MIDAS Documentation v4.35

Emergency Evacuation Data

If your MIDAS administrator has granted you sufficient privileges you may see this icon in the main toolbar , which may also include a number.

This is a one-click emergency printout button, which will generate a printout of all ongoing bookings at the point in time when the button is clicked/tapped. This feature is very useful if you need to conduct an emergency evacuation/roll call of your premises, as it will instantly show you, or the Emergency Services, the location and estimated number of occupants across your site.

If the icon additionally includes a number this is a live estimate of the number of people on your site at the present time.

DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate putting yourself or others at risk in a building being evacuated by staying behind in order to print off data from MIDAS. You should ONLY use the "Emergency Evacuation Data" button if you are not putting yourself or others at increased risk

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