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Database Tools

This section contains a number of useful database management and optimization tools, which may be accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database → Database Tools.

WARNING: Some of the tools presented here are capable of permanently removing data from your MIDAS. These tools should only be used once you are fully familiar with their actions, and we strongly advise backing up your database before proceeding

TIP: These tools are only available to administrative users with the "Can Manage MIDAS" user permission, however for additional safety, you can remove or disable these tools completely be either removing the "" file from your server, or blocking access to it

Merge Booking Types

This tool allows you to combine two or more booking types into a single booking type, updating all existing bookings accordingly.

Merge Clients

This tool allows you to combine the bookings & invoices from two or more clients into a single client. For example, is a user adds a new client named "Jo Blogs" and then another user adds the same client but spells it slightly differently as "Jo Bloggs" - these will be seen as two separate clients in MIDAS. The "Merge Clients" tool will allow you to combine these two clients into a single client.

Merge Venues

This tool allows you to combine the bookings from two or more venues into a single venue.

Remove Obsolete Bookings

This tool allows you to remove very old bookings held in your MIDAS, dating back several months or years. Whilst maintaining accurate booking records is important, many organizations don't need to keep track of bookings that took place more than a few years ago. This option allows you to choose to wipe bookings from your MIDAS that are more than either 6 months old, or older than 1-10 years.

Keeping your booking data trimmed by removing old booking data can also increase the performance of MIDAS.

Remove Inactive Clients

This tool allows you to "clean up" the client database by removing obsolete clients who haven't had a booking in MIDAS for a long time. You can choose to remove clients with no bookings in the last 6 months, or in the last 1-10 years.

Remove Inactive Users

This tool allows you to "clean up" the user database by removing obsolete user accounts that haven't been logged into MIDAS for a long time. You can choose to remove users who haven't logged in within the last 6 months, or within the last 1-10 years.

Change Primary User

By default, the initial user account that was created for your MIDAS at time of install is known as the "Primary User" account. This administrative account will always have access to "Manage MIDAS" and "Manage Users & Permissions" and also cannot be deleted.

The "Change Primary User" tool allows you to change which existing user should be considered to be the "Primary User".

Optimize Database

This tool is not available if your MIDAS is "cloud hosted" by us

This tool runs the "OPTIMIZE TABLE" MySQL command on your MIDAS database. This command effectively "defragments" your MIDAS database by reorganizing the physical storage of data. In doing so, it can reduce the amount of storage space and improve overall efficiency of your MIDAS database.

Depending upon the size of your database, this may take several minutes to complete

TIP: Another great way to further improve the efficiency of your MySQL server is to use a 3rd party tool like MySQLTuner
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