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Modifying Invoices

Once an invoice has been created, before it has been printed or emailed, you can modify it.

Warning: Once an invoice has been printed or emailed, MIDAS assumes it has been "finalized" and sent to the client. Therefore, no further editing of the invoice, other than updating its payment status, will be allowed

Modifying an invoice:

  • First, select the icon in the main toolbar.
  • On the invoicing screen, use the "Jump to Invoice No" function to locate your invoice, or;
  • Use the "Show Invoices" drop-down to select "Invoices not actioned". When the results are displayed, locate the invoice you wish to modify.
  • Finally, select the invoice's corresponding icon.
  • The invoice will then be displayed in an editable form, allowing you to make changes.

Tip: Selecting the last blank line of the invoice will add a new line to the invoice, allowing you to add more items

Tip: Clicking / tapping the "Amount" column header will toggle the display of calculated line amounts inclusive or exclusive of tax

Note: Invoices are not automatically sent to clients by default. They can be actioned (printed or emailed) via the Invoicing icon in the main toolbar
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