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MIDAS Documentation v4.34


v4.34 (25 August 2023)
~ New: Custom validation support for required custom field inputs (REGEX)
~ Improved: OS detection
~ Improved: Error reporting when failing to connect to an SMTP server
~ Improved: Accessibility improvements
~ Update: jQuery to 3.7.0
~ Optimization: Code clean-up and optimization
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.33

v4.33 (28 April 2023)
~ New: Support for new optional Geolocation addon
~ New: Setting to control how many "recent" quick links are shown on the main invoicing screen
~ New: Security Audit Scheduled Task
~ New: Ability for self-hosted customers to generate a troubleshooting support bundle
~ Improved: Uninvoiced Bookings report can now be filtered by organization
~ Improved: Debug logging options
~ Improved: JS debug logging now includes stack traces
~ Improved: Credit Notes now no longer appear in Recently created/finalized quick link lists
~ Improved: Security Audit
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.32

v4.32 (21 December 2022)
~ New: Charge different venue rates based upon the time of day
~ New: Send invoices, receipts, and credit notes as PDF attachments
~ New: %CLIENT_EMAIL% variable added for email templates
~ New: Bulk "Remove Unsent Invoices" tool
~ New: Options to include venue/times information with resource items on invoices
~ Improved: Set default email subject line for sent invoices, credit notes, and receipts
~ Improved: Support for importing clients with multiple (comma separated) email addresses
~ Improved: Ability to import client data where the full postal address is contained within a single field
~ Improved: Option to retain clients with invoices when removing inactive clients
~ Improved: Option to leave references to removed obsolete invoices with bookings
~ Improved: Removed some redundant code
~ Improved: Manage Venues screen performance when a very large number of venues defined
~ Improved: Database performance when tentative bookings are enabled
~ Improved: Height of venue list on public booking/request screens now automatically increases if there is additional free space
~ Update: jQuery to 3.6.0 / jQueryUI to 1.13.2
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.31

v4.31 (12 September 2022)
~ New: Floor Plans - Book spaces by clicking on rooms on a map/floor plan of your facilities
~ New: Option to sort bookings on printouts by venue order
~ Improved: Easier for clients to unsubscribe from email reminders/notifications
~ Improved: Numerous UI improvements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.30

v4.30 (22 April 2022)
~ New: Review previously sent internal messages
~ New: Option to prompt for detailed client entry when adding bookings for new clients
~ New: Option to export invoices to Zoho Invoice
~ New: Email compatibility mode setting for improved rendering of invoices on older email clients
~ New: Option to auto-approve booking requests based upon their booking type
~ New: "Unfinalize" Invoices tool
~ New: Remove Obsolete Invoices tool
~ New: Maximum bookings allowed per user per calendar month/year options
~ New: "Default Time Interval" option of 60 minutes to only allow booking to the nearest hour
~ Improved: A third field can now be set to show on taller booking blocks (when the venue height setting is at least 40 pixels)
~ Improved: Expiration of tentative bookings now recorded in the Recent Activity Log
~ Improved: A date range can now be specified when exporting invoices
~ Improved: Resource Popularity report can now be filtered by resource category
~ Improved: Manually creating a new invoice defaults to the globally defined tax rate
~ Improved: Platform detection
~ Improved: Perl Taint tolerance
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Optimization: Database query optimization
~ Update: jQueryUI to 1.13.1
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.29

v4.29 (26 December 2021)
~ New: Two additional "Can Make Bookings" user permission options to restrict the user to only be able to book/request for themselves
~ New: "Mark as read" option for messages, reminders, and watch notifications in the Notification Center
~ New: Support for specifying a Reply-To email header
~ Improved: Additional Date Format settings to include named day of the week
~ Improved: Additional logout inactivity settings (5, 15, and 20 minute options)
~ Improved: Quickly reply to internal messages
~ Improved: Printing a monthly calendar no longer displays scrollbars in date cells
~ Improved: Display of multiple lengthy resource category names
~ Improved: Loading indicator shown during more navigation actions
~ Improved: Warning if trying to create an additional database with the same name as an existing database
~ Improved: Auto approved booking requests now logged in Recent Activity Log
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Optimization: Database query optimization
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.28

v4.28 (22 July 2021)
~ New: Notification Center (formally "My Messages")
~ New: Watch for venue availability
~ New: Ability to reset invoice counters
~ New: Support for Custom Branding / White Labeling via optional addon
~ New: Encrypted table support when adding additional databases
~ Improved: Database Backups are now encrypted at rest (Requires OpenSSL>=1.1.1)
~ Improved: SMTP Test now performs an SPF record check for cloud-hosted MIDAS systems
~ Improved: Multiple failed login attempts now collated in Recent Activity Log
~ Improved: Forward-slash characters now allowed in invoice prefixes
~ Improved: UI improvements on Add/Modify Booking screen
~ Improved: Recent Activity Log display performance
~ Change: Some template placeholder variables have been renamed
~ Update: jQuery to 3.6.0 / jQuery-Autocomplete to 1.4.11
~ Security enhancements
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.24

v4.27 (11 March 2021)
~ New: Common Pre-defined date range periods available for Advanced Print Settings, Statistics, and Search date filters
~ New: Print individual bookings direct from the Booking Information Panel
~ New: Booking Requests can be set to be auto-approved for requests from certain email addresses / domains
~ New: Search results can now be easily printed
~ New: Recent Activity audit log can now be exported to Excel
~ New: Exported client data now includes client's current credit and tax exempt status
~ Improved: Support for importing bookings with dates in the formats DD-Mon-YY or DD-Mon-YYYY (i.e. 11-Mar-21 or 11-Mar-2021)
~ Improved: Advanced Filter Invoice Generating options now allow using a blank search term
~ Improved: Advanced Filter Print options now allow using a blank search term
~ Improved: Advanced Filter Print options now allow filtering by invoice
~ Improved: Changing your logo in cloud-hosted MIDAS systems should reflect changes quicker
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.26

v4.26 (14 November 2020)
~ New: Calendar widget
~ New: Export Users
~ New: Entering a new password now optionally blocks it if it appears in any known data breaches
~ Improved: Exporting clients can now optionally export only clients with bookings over a given date range
~ Improved: Invoice statistics can now be filtered by booking type
~ Improved: Support for smaller screens
~ Improved: Selecting multiple calendar dates on touch devices
~ Improved: Contextual help
~ Improved: Invoice rendering
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.25

v4.25 (4 July 2020)
~ Improved Invoicing Features:
~ New: Credit Notes
~ New: Per item tax rates
~ New: Per venue tax rates
~ New: Per resource tax rates
~ New: Option to apply tax to deposit invoices
~ New: Option to apply tax to cancellation invoices
~ New: Variable per-invoice terms
~ New: Option to increase cancellation charge if bookings cancelled at even shorter notice
~ New: Merge an unsent invoice into another for any given client
~ New: When creating/modifying an invoice, toggle display of amounts inc/ex of tax
~ New: Apply partial/full refunds to invoices
~ New: Refunded amount can optionally be credited to client's account
~ New: Invoices may now be exported to QuickBooks Online, Xero, Clear Books, and KashFlow
~ New: Invoice Summaries may now be exported to Sage Business Cloud, and QuickFile
~ Improved: Exported invoices in CSV, Tab-Delimited, Excel, or XML formats now include Invoice Due Dates
~ Improved: Updating finalized invoice status now also allows updating visible invoice notes
~ Improved: Multiple identical items on invoices are now consolidated
~ Improved: Itemizing invoice notes no longer includes empty notes
~ New: Custom fields can now include a descriptive explainer
~ New: Custom text fields can now enforce a maximum input length
~ New: Setting to specify how many items in custom list fields to show at once
~ New: Experimental rtl language support
~ New: "Colorize" venues in the booking grid
~ New: Setting to alert users each time their account is logged into from a new/unfamiliar device
~ New: Options to allow Quick Tour to be re-shown to a user
~ New: "User is on an unstable connection" setting to minimize logouts due to fluctuating IP address
~ New: "Can Search" user permission to allow/deny access to the search facility
~ New: "Can Import / Export" user permissions to allow/deny access to import and/or export features
~ Improved: Now optional when adding a new user to also add them as a client (previously automatic)
~ Improved: Client email reminder/notification settings
~ Improved: Easier for clients to unsubscribe from email reminders/notifications
~ Improved: Venue Statistics can now be further filtered by booking type
~ Improved: Client Statistics now indicate if client has a user account in MIDAS
~ Improved: Easily toggle View Access options on the Manage Users & Permissions screen
~ Improved: Venue Groups hidden when public booking/requesting if auto-venue selection is enabled and only one venue group
~ Improved: UI Improvements (larger font / graphical check/radio boxes)
~ Improved: Default public booking/requesting templates
~ Improved: Debug logging
~ Update: OS detection
~ Update: jQuery v3.5.0
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.24

v4.24 (21 March 2020)
~ New: Collect customer reviews and feedback with the new optional "Reviews" addon
~ New: Support for multi-select custom list fields
~ New: Post booking email option - send clients an automated follow-up email after their bookings have taken place
~ New: "Can Bypass Venue Blocks" user permission (disabled by default)
~ New: Preliminary support for Perl's DBD::MariaDB module (MariaDB can already be used via DBD::mysql)
~ Improved: Internal mechanism added for block-listing sending of mail to specific outgoing addresses
~ Improved: List of organizations in drop-down on Invoicing screen now limited to those organizations with invoices
~ Improved: BCC to me option when emailing an invoice/receipt now remembers user's previous setting
~ Improved: Individual client statistics now include count and sum of outstanding invoices and client's current credit
~ Improved: When assigning the "Can Process Booking Requests" permission, MIDAS will indicate if the user isn't currently a manager of any venues
~ Improved: JS error logging
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Update: jQuery v3.3.1 / jQuery-Autocomplete v1.4.10
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.23

v4.23 (14 December 2019)
~ New: Setup/Breakdown periods
~ Improved: Modify/Delete Similar Bookings search can now be limited to certain days of the week
~ Improved: Changing venue selection on Modify Bookings screen now retains previously selected venue's attendee values
~ Improved: Filter invoices by organization
~ Improved: Pending booking request screen now indicates total venue count in addition to those being managed
~ Improved: JS error logging
~ Improved: Colorization of booking type list on Manage Booking Types screen
~ Change: MIDAS will now warn if you're using Internet Explorer and prompt to upgrade your browser
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.22

v4.22 (8 August 2019)
~ New: Custom Client fields
~ New: Venue Utilization report based upon venue capacities
~ New: "All Days" tick box to allow setting venue rates for all days at once
~ New: MIDAS now warns if its database isn't compatible with current software version
~ Improved: Option to split resources into categories when printing bookings as a table
~ Improved: Booking Grid View filter setting now persists between session
~ Improved: Booking Information Panel can now be scrolled if lengthy notes, etc are present
~ Improved: Booking Information Panel now remembers selected tab between sessions
~ Improved: Booking Information Panel "Pin" now remembers its state between sessions
~ Improved: Default Booking Type field no longer shown on Add/Modify Client dialog if no booking types defined
~ Improved: XML settings file migrated to JSON
~ Improved: Performance improvements (Pages now load ~200ms faster than before)
~ Improved: HiContrast theme
~ Improved: Initial page title now indicates friendly database name if only a single database is defined
~ Improved: The MIDAS updater now also automatically updates any installed addons
~ Improved: Logging for IPv6 and IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses
~ Improved: Custom Logo shown when logged in (in bottom left) now auto hides if booking information panel would cover it
~ Update: Stripe for SCA regulation (3D Secure support)
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.21 - see for details

v4.21 (30 March 2019)
~ NEW: Deposit Invoices
~ NEW: Mark invoices as complete even if not paid in full
~ NEW: Ability to "clone" (copy) the contents of an invoice to a new invoice
~ Improved: Selective bulk venue modification
~ Improved: The "Pay invoice online" feature can now be configured to allow partial invoice payments
~ Improved: Manually updating an invoice's status allows you to "overpay", applying the surplus as a client credit
~ Improved: Database Backups can now only be restored for the version of MIDAS you're running
~ Improved: UI Updates
~ Improved: MySQL query optimization
~ Improved: Database structure optimization
~ Improved: Error handling when unable to login due to server error
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.20 - see for details

v4.20 (10 November 2018)
~ New: Honeycomb, Squares, and Wood visual themes
~ New: Drag & Drop Duplicate/Reschedule touch screen support
~ Improved: Visual themes now all include high-resolution SVG icons
~ Improved: Browser performance when loading data in the Client tab of the Booking Information Panel
~ Improved: "Please refer to the MIDAS Knowledge Base" error links now open the KB in a new window (to avoid CSP violations)
~ Change: Bulk modifying venues no longer bulk modifies venue descriptions
~ Change: Security Audit no longer checks for latest version in cloud-hosted editions
~ Fixed: Logged in users with request-only permissions could request manager-less venues
~ Fixed: Disabling theme selector would still allow users who'd used the "Remember Me" option to use their previously selected theme
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.19 - see for details

v4.19 (7 July 2018)
~ New: "per person" venue rate - set hire charge based on number of attendees
~ New: MIDAS can now detect email addresses in the Booking Notes and custom booking fields and offer them as additional recipients of booking confirmation notifications
~ New: "Most Used By" venue report showing who uses each venue the most
~ New: %USER% and %USER_FIRSTNAME% variables available in email templates
~ New: "View Only" option for "Can use invoicing" user permission
~ New: Setting to specify that all outgoing email should appear sent from a single email address
~ Improved: Simplified the password reset process
~ Improved: Individual client statistics now include indication of client's most used venue
~ Improved: Venue column width in booking grid now automatically increases in size if you add a venue with a longer name than current set column width
~ Improved: Exporting invoice summaries in Excel format now formats "Invoice Dates" as Excel dates (rather than text)
~ Improved: Buttons added to the final public booking/request screens to make another booking/request
~ Improved: Remove Obsolete Bookings tool can now be limited to a specific booking type
~ Improved: MIDAS will indicate if there are no venues assigned to the currently displayed venue group in the booking grid
~ Improved: Unticking the "Calculate Totals?" box on a create/modify invoice screen now allows tax amount and grand totals to become editable
~ Improved: Added warning if JavaScript disabled
~ Improved: Apple Touch Icon resolution
~ Change: Client's Invoices data in the Booking Information Panel now lists invoices in descending order (previously ascending)
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.18 - see for details

v4.18 (31 March 2018)
~ New: Custom "Checkbox" (tick box) booking field
~ New: Export data in native Excel format (.xlsx)
~ New: Statistics can now be exported in Excel format (.xlsx)
~ Improved: Now possible to modify/remove venues in bulk
~ Improved: Choose which types of emails are BCC'd
~ Improved: Fields set to show on blocks/tooltips can now optionally include the name of the field as well
~ Improved: When deleting a booking via the booking grid, the booking is now highlighted whilst the delete confirmation dialog is shown
~ Improved: Watch notification text now distinguishes between bookings added and booking requests approved
~ Improved: Manage Addons page now cached for a short while to improve frequent successive page loads
~ Improved: Public-facing page titles
~ Improved: Perl version detection and reporting
~ Improved: Logging of imports, merges, database clean-ups, and primary user changes to Recent Activity Log
~ Improved: Security Audit checks for left over installation/test files
~ Improved: IP detection when behind a proxy/firewall
~ Improved: Internal logging & identification of re-purposed user accounts
~ Improved: Debug logging
~ Update: jQuery v3.3.1 / jQuery-Autocomplete 1.4.7
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.17 - see for details

v4.17 (26 December 2017)
~ New: Custom resource categories
~ New: Ability to set a default booking type
~ New: Ability to control which booking types are available on public booking/request screens
~ New: Optional "Custom Links" addon
~ New: Option to exclude tentative bookings on the Advanced Print Settings dialog
~ Improved: Booking watch notifications under My Messages can now be clicked to jump to triggering booking
~ Improved: Invoice summary screen now indicates recently overdue invoices
~ Improved: Clicking on variables from the list on the Manage Template screen now inserts variable at current caret position in template code (previously inserted at the end)
~ Improved: The Pending Booking Requests screen now indicates the number of venues you're assigned to be a manager of
~ Improved: Print Client's Bookings dialog now retains options for next time
~ Improved: Manual backups now include any debug logs
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.16 - see for details

v4.16 (12 August 2017)
~ New: Optional Quick Tour of the user interface upon each user's first login
~ New: Advanced Print Filter
~ New: Advanced Invoice Generation Filter
~ New: "Can Manage Addons" user permission
~ New: Option to honor users Do Not Track browser preference
~ New: Support for importing bookings containing resources
~ New: Merge Venues tool
~ New: Custom "Range" (slider) booking field
~ New: Option to automatically combine similar emails to reduce outgoing email volume
~ Improved: Filter invoices to show those more than 7, 14, or 30 days overdue
~ Improved: CSV import support
~ Improved: MIDAS now indicates if you've been automatically logged out due to your IP address changing
~ Improved: Now possible to limit resource category when printing bookings with resources in "grid" layout - ideal for printing staffing schedules
~ Improved: "My Messages" notifications received from other users can now be clicked to compose quicker replies
~ Improved: Search results display when searching documentation
~ Improved: Recent Activity Log now records changes to Day Notes
~ Improved: LDAP logging
~ Update: jQuery v3.2.1
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.15 - see for details

v4.15 (15 April 2017)
~ New: Public "Book Online" feature
~ New: Booking "spacing" settings - maintain fixed "gaps" between bookings
~ New: Un-Invoiced Bookings Report
~ New: "Individual/Manual" or "Automatic/From Group" venue selection settings for Public Booking Requests
~ New: Password reset link validity setting
~ Improved: Repetitive dates generator now includes an "on the last..." option
~ Improved: Limit the number of bookings users can add to each calendar week
~ Improved: Booking Type Discounts can now accept absolute amounts as well as percentages
~ Improved: Booking approval entries in the Recent Activity log can now be clicked to jump to date of booking
~ Improved: Approved/Rejected Booking Requests now also log requested venue in Recent Activity log
~ Improved: User filter on Recent Activity Log now sorts alphabetically
~ Improved: If multiple databases defined, Auto-sent user credentials now include which database they're for
~ Improved: SSO settings screen is disabled if not available under current license
~ Improved: LDAP logging
~ Improved: Added link to KB article in the event of a "too many connections" MySQL error
~ Improved: Focusing on venue rate input auto-selects current value
~ Improved: Renaming/Removing a custom booking field will update/remove any associated %CUSTOM..% variables in templates
~ Improved: Filename when "saving" (printing) an invoice/receipt as a .pdf file now defaults to invoice number
~ Update: jQuery-Autocomplete 1.3.0
~ Security enhancements
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.14 - see for details

v4.14 (10 December 2016)
~ New: "Tentative" bookings which auto-expire if not "confirmed"
~ New: Features for hotel/overnight accommodation businesses, including:
~ Ability to book by number of nights
~ Ability to set check in/check out times
~ Ability to limit maximum length of stay
~ New: Bulk approve/reject booking requests
~ New: Easily upload/change your corporate logo
~ New: Add internal notes to invoices which are not visible to clients
~ New: View complete history log for each invoice
~ New: Ability to pre-select a default booking type on a per-client basis
~ Improved: Ability to define multiple closed from/until dates for each venue
~ Improved: You can now control whether the Booking Alternatives feature offer earlier/later times or previous/next days
~ Improved: Security Audit now checks for potentially excessive MIDAS user permissions
~ Improved: MIDAS now alerts when Web Requests are enabled, yet no venues are set to be publicly requestable
~ Improved: Overdue invoices now indicate the number of days they're overdue by
~ Improved: Handling of instances when "ALTER" MySQL permission has not been granted
~ Improved: Handling of apparent "hangs" when using the "SMTP Test" button
~ Improved: Plain text versions of emails now include alt text of any included images
~ Improved: Email compatibility with older email clients
~ Improved: Email composer when querying a booking request now includes data for all booking fields accessible to user by default
~ Update: jQuery to 3.1.1 / jQuery-Autocomplete 1.2.26
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.13 - see for details

v4.13 (22 July 2016)
~ New: Desktop Notifications
~ New: Options to only receive email notifications (on new messages, watch notifications, pending booking requests) when not logged in
~ New: Option to automatically mark invoices totaling zero as paid
~ New: Option to generate an invoice when directly approving booking request
~ New: 15-point MIDAS Security Audit
~ New: Update Channel selector (self-hosted editions)
~ New: %PAIDON% Receipt template placeholder variable to denote date invoice was paid in full
~ Improved: Selecting a different Theme on the login screen now takes affect immediately
~ Improved: When deleting a venue, the number of bookings that will be removed from that venue is now indicated
~ Improved: Now possible to set a sender name in addition to an email address for the "MIDAS Generated Emails Appear From" setting
~ Improved: Advanced Print Options can now be displayed with a "long click" (in addition to a right-click) on the Print toolbar icon
~ Workaround: Chrome-specific bug when dragging & dropping on screens with high pixel ratio densities
~ Change: "Account for Pending Requests" setting cannot be enabled whilst there are outstanding booking requests
~ Update: jQuery to 1.12.4 / qTip2 to 3.0.3
~ Optimization: MySQL query reduction
~ Optimized: Obsolete vendor prefixed CSS removed from Default-HiRes Theme
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.12 - see for details

v4.12 (9 April 2016)
~ New: Maintain a line of credit for clients, which is automatically applied to their subsequent invoices
~ New: "Current Availability" venue report
~ New: Support for card payments via Stripe
~ New: %BOOKING_COST% and %TOTAL_COST% variables in booking confirmation/request approved email templates
~ Improved: More control over generated content in various email templates
~ Improved: Invoicing screen now shows "quick links" to recently created and recently finalized invoices
~ Improved: Bulk invoice generation can now be limited by venue/booking type
~ Improved: MIDAS now attempts to force browser refresh from server upon software update (to prevent a stale cache)
~ Improved: Internal setting to rate-limit email sending
~ Improved: Combined external .js resources
~ Change: Booking Request cancellation links and client notification unsubscribe links now require additional user click to confirm
~ Update: jQuery to 1.12
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.11 - see for details

v4.11 (9 January 2016)
~ New: When deleting bookings, you can now send automated "Booking Cancellation" notifications to clients
~ New: Setting to limit the number of bookings individual users can add to any given date
~ New: Setting to limit the maximum length individual users can make bookings for
~ New: Email/Print Receipts for client's paid invoices
~ New: Estimated charges can now be shown on Booking Availability screen
~ New: Quickly add existing resources when creating/modifying invoices
~ New: See all devices you're logged in from and remotely log them out
~ New: Dynamically adding bookings now indicates start/finish time whilst dragging across the booking grid
~ New: Global session timeout setting
~ Improved: Double-Clicking on an empty part of the booking grid transfers to the Add Booking screen with venue pre-selected
~ Improved: Recent Activity Log now records failed, locked, and suspended user login attempts
~ Improved: Recent Activity Log can now be filtered by event category
~ Improved: Drop-down client selectors
~ Improved: MIDAS now prompts you to use an existing client if one exists
~ Improved: Resource statistics can be filtered by venue
~ Improved: Modified Bookings statistics now exclude multiple modifications to the same booking on the same date
~ Improved: midasglobal error detection
~ Change: New clients have their booking and invoice reminder settings enabled by default
~ Optimization: Code optimization
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.10 - see for details

v4.10 (26 September 2015)
~ New: Optional Two-Factor Authentication
~ New: Set different clients to use for booking and invoicing
~ New: Support for STARTTLS auth method for SMTP email sending
~ New: %USER% variable in a custom booking field's default value is substituted for the current user's name when booking
~ Improved: When adding resources to bookings, the resource list can now be quickly filtered
~ Improved: Control whether Booking Type Discounts are applied to venues, resources, or both
~ Improved: Access to Invoices can now restricted to only allow users access to invoices which they've generated/created/added
~ Improved: Invoice numbers can now be shown on booking blocks/tooltips and in the Monthly Overview
~ Improved: Emergency Evacuation Printouts now include client names, mobile/cell contacts, and staffing levels/locations
~ Improved: Booking Type Discounts can be negative to increase the cost of certain types
~ Improved: SMTP connections now automatically timeout after 30 seconds (by default)
~ Improved: Performance when initially loading/logging in and during actions which send email
~ Improved: Text area custom booking fields can now accept up to 64K characters (previously limited to 300)
~ Improved: "BCC to me" setting now remembers last setting (previously always defaulted to on)
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.09 - see for details
~ Security enhancements
~ Updated: jQuery to 1.11.3 / qTip2 to 2.2.1

v4.09 (22 May 2015)
~ New: Booking Alternatives
~ New: When "Unavailable" is shown on the Booking Availability screen, it's now possible to see details of the existing conflicting booking
~ New: Associate multiple email addresses with client records
~ New: Bulk delete (expire) Messages, Reminders, and Watch Notifications
~ New: Pending Booking Requests screen can be printed
~ New: SMTP "Test" button
~ New: Help Documentation is now searchable (via the Search screen)
~ New: Optional High Resolution SVG Theme
~ Improved: When deleting a booking type, it's now optional to remove all bookings of that type
~ Improved: When importing users, additionally also adding them as clients is now optional
~ Improved: SSO support now allows searching for users in multiple AD bases
~ Improved: Performance when no connection to server
~ Change: SSL Access setting removed for Hosted customers as SSL is always available
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.08 - see for details

v4.08 (11 January 2015)
~ New: Automatically generate Cancellation Fee invoices for bookings canceled at short notice
~ New: Scheduled Task option to automatically send any unsent invoices
~ New: Option to prevent invoices from ever being deleted
~ New: Option to send/force booking confirmations to be sent by default
~ New: "Potential Income" Venue statistics
~ Improved: Generating Repetitive Bookings when multiple dates already selected will add to (rather than replace) date selection
~ Improved: Manage Venues, Manage Booking Types, and Re-Order Fields screens improved for mobile/tablet/touch devices
~ Improved: iPhone 6 Plus support
~ Improved: Generation of invoices for "all clients" over a date range will now generate in ascending date/time order (previously in order bookings were added to MIDAS)
~ Improved: Invoices can be resent to clients when partly-paid or overdue
~ Improved: Repetitive Booking Generator now includes options for repeating every 5 or 6 weeks
~ Improved: Timezone selection
~ Improved: Support for Perl architectures where POSIX::tzset isn't implemented (i.e. Strawberry Perl)
~ Improved: Adding/Modifying/Deleting Custom Fields now logged in Recent Activity
~ Improved: You can now define which booking fields should be included in Booking Confirmation Emails
~ Improved: Support for importing bookings in iCal format
~ Improved: HiContrast Theme (gradient removed from booking blocks)
~ Optimization: MySQL query & memory footprint reduction
~ Optimization: Image optimization
~ Update: System requirements (browsers)
~ Update: jQuery to 1.11.2
~ Security enhancements
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.07 - see for details

v4.07 (1 September 2014)
~ New: Attach documents/files to bookings (self-hosted editions only)
~ New: "Payment Terms" setting - define how many days to allow for clients to pay their invoices
~ New: Scheduled Tasks: Automatically send notifications of upcoming bookings & invoice reminders to clients
~ New: Setting to make individual clients tax exempt
~ New: Separate customizable email templates added for various email notifications
~ New: Option to colorize printouts by Booking Type
~ New: Hi Contrast Theme
~ Improved: Support for smaller mobile screen sizes (including iPhone!)
~ Improved: API v2 - Now allows bi-directional access to MIDAS - See
~ Improved: PayPal IPN Integration - Automatically update invoices when a client pays
~ Improved: Invoice Date & Due Date columns added to Invoicing overview
~ Improved: Visual template editing
~ Improved: Recent Activity log now hides those activities for which the user doesn't have access/permission
~ Improved: Invoice entries in Recent Activity log can be clicked to jump to corresponding invoice
~ Improved: Software updates now recorded in Recent Activity log
~ Improved: Invoice selector bar now remains visible when scrolling through a list of invoices
~ Improved: Additional %INVOICETO...% variables added to allow enhanced customization of "Invoice To" area of invoices
~ Improved: Automatic database backup generation
~ Improved: Public Booking Requests can now be pre-populated with selected venues/dates
~ Improved: Public Booking Requests and Pay Online screens can now be styled using your own custom external .css files
~ Improved: "Remember Me" option to remember your details for the next time you make a Public Booking Request
~ Improved: Selected graph on each Statistics page now persists between visits
~ Improved: Venues can only be made "Publicly Requestable" if at least one venue Manager has been assigned
~ Improved: Resources can only be made "Publicly Requestable" if at the Resources field is set to show on Web Requests
~ Improved: Password strength indicator added
~ Improved: Support for SMTP connections via TLS
~ Optimization: Removed some obsolete CSS vendor prefixes
~ Change: ScriptX removed (no longer necessary as most browsers now allow disabling of headers/footers on printouts)
~ Change: ExplorerCanvas (excanvas.min.js) removed (no longer necessary as this component allowed IE8 and earlier to render graphs)
~ Change: Google Wallet (formally Google Checkout) Invoice Payment option removed
~ Update: jQuery to 1.11.1
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.06 - see for details

v4.06 (3 May 2014)
~ New: Resource statistics
~ New: Set different venue rates based upon booking length for each day of the week
~ New: User "groups" - Easily apply a set of pre-defined permissions to each user
~ New: Day Notes for any selected dates are now indicated and shown on the Booking Availability screen
~ New: Active Directory Integration (Single Sign-On support) (Experimental)
~ New: Database Tools - Import, merge, clean up & optimize your database!
~ Improved: New venue utilization statistics
~ Improved: New individual client statistics
~ Improved: Now possible to set venue operating hours to be closed between 15-30, 30-45, and 15-45 minutes past the hour
~ Improved: MIDAS now remembers your last selected date range on the statistics screen and the Find Similar Bookings window
~ Improved: Increased the size of some setting elements to make them more easy to change on smaller screens
~ Improved: Month overview now has previous/next month buttons
~ Improved: Monthly overview now shows name of month/year at the top of the screen
~ Improved: Client Notes now displayed in Search Results
~ Improved: Axis swapped for venue capacities statistics
~ Optimization: Big reduction in number of MySQL connections & queries
~ Update: jQuery to 1.11.0
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.05 - see for details

v4.05 (2 January 2014)
~ New: Venue "Blocking" - Prevent bookings in specific venues when another venue is booked
~ New: "Include in Invoice Notes" setting allowing inclusion of a specified booking field on generated invoices
~ New: "Auto-Login" option to bypass login screen upon subsequent visits from your browser
~ New: Optional "Slate" theme - see
~ Improved: iPad support
~ Improved: Better support for touch-only devices
~ Improved: Better support for portrait-orientated devices
~ Improved: "Apply To All" button for times, etc when selecting multiple dates through Public Booking Requests
~ Improved: Full-width graphs in Statistics view
~ Improved: MIDAS now remembers the number of days shown in the booking grid between sessions
~ Improved: MIDAS now remembers sort order of Pending Booking Requests screen
~ Improved: MIDAS now remembers last viewed tab on Manage MIDAS screen
~ Improved: Invoice Notes can now be itemized per booking
~ Improved: Selected Group/Manager counts shown on tabs on Manage Venues screen
~ Improved: Setting Default Tax Amount blank will hide tax line on invoices with no tax
~ Improved: Background data refreshes less frequent when MIDAS isn't the active browser tab/window
~ Improved: HTML5 conformance
~ Improved: Better error handling if update fails
~ Improved: Better error handling if SMTP fails
~ Improved: Grid Lock/Unlock action (Accesskey "u")
~ Improved: Logo resolution
~ Improved: Full Screen support for IE11
~ Improved: Help Documentation (you can now also download offline documentation at
~ Update: "Recovering A Lost Password" has been renamed to "Resetting A Lost Password" in the Help Documentation
~ Update: qTip2 updated to v2.1.1 / ScriptX to 7,3,0,22
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.04

v4.04 (7 October 2013)
~ New: Resources can be made Venue-specific
~ New: Quickly "duplicate" bookings by dragging them whilst holding Shift
~ New: Add custom URL fields (links) to your bookings!
~ New: Option to "auto-approve" booking requests
~ New: Option to take into account any pending booking requests when checking booking availability
~ New: Enable client phone/cell numbers to be clickable "callto" links to quickly initiate a call via Skype, etc
~ Improved: Added more CSS classes to allow for greater visual customization
~ Improved: Clicking on the date for a Booking Request on the Pending Booking Request screen will jump to that calendar date
~ Improved: Ability to sort booking requests by date/time of receipt, or date/time of start of requested booking
~ Improved: Ability to filter by booking type when searching for bookings
~ Improved: SMTP authentication
~ Improved: Clicking Invoice Number in "Invoice Created" dialog will display the invoice
~ Improved: Client's email address now shown as part of %INVOICETO% variable on invoices (where applicable)
~ Optimization: Automated daily backups are now not created when running in "demo" mode
~ Optimization: Performance improvements
~ Security: "Superuser" security update
~ Change: jQuery file name changed to better facilitate future enhancements, such as CDN
~ Update: jQuery updated to v1.10.2 / qTip2 updated to v2.0.1-105
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.03

v4.03 (1 June 2013)
~ New: Initial API implementation (optional add-on)
~ New: RSS Feeds (optional add-on)
~ New: Two booking fields can now be shown on booking blocks and on tooltips
~ New: Filter invoices by client
~ New: Setting to prevent modification/deletion of bookings for which invoices have been created
~ New: Setting to prevent invoice deletion after sending, until invoice is paid in full
~ New: Option to specify which booking field to show on "grid" layout printouts
~ New: Optional "Pastel" theme - get it now at
~ New: Internal setting to account for pending bookings when checking booking availability
~ New: Internal setting to auto-approve booking requests
~ Improved: When jumping to a booking from a search result, selected booking will be indicated
~ Improved: When "jumping" to specific bookings (i.e. via Search or a "Client's Other Bookings" link), relevant bookings are highlighted in the grid
~ Improved: "No records found" message now shown for empty categories on Resources pop-up
~ Improved: Width of Resources pop-up increased
~ Improved: Better handling of invalid themes
~ Improved: "alias" web url setting fully implemented
~ Improved: Animated "working" indicator shown in more places (i.e. when deleting multiple bookings)
~ Optimization: Removed some obsolete code
~ Optimization: Various code optimizations/database query reductions
~ Optimization: Performance improvements with watch notification emails (multiple similar notifications now grouped)
~ Update: jQuery updated to v1.9.1 / qTip2 updated to v2.0.1-45
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.02

v4.02 (11 March 2013)
~ New: The "Times" field can now be specified (on a per user basis) as either a start & finish time, start & pre-defined duration, or pre-defined "periods" of time
~ New: Option to approve/reject Booking Requests "silently" (no email notifications sent to requester)
~ New: Booking Reminders can be sent to your Inbox as calendar events
~ New: Monthly Overview display can now be directly printed
~ New: Option to only permit Booking Requests from certain email domains (i.e. restrict requests to your own organization)
~ New: Norwegian translation
~ New: Keyboard (accesskey) shortcuts
~ New: Added Pinned Site/Jump List features for Windows users
~ New: Create links to your Web Request screen to display it in different languages
~ Improved: Monthly Repetitive booking options i.e. add bookings for "the 2nd Wednesday of every month", etc
~ Improved: Optional additional security step for paying invoices online
~ Improved: "Login" button now indicates login in process when clicked (as IE browsers may give no indication otherwise)
~ Improved: Inline CSS reduced
~ Change: Template selector in "Manage MIDAS" is now a drop-down list
~ Update: jQuery updated to v1.8.3 / qTip2 updated to v2.0.1-4-g
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since v4.01

v4.01 (1 January 2013)
~ New: Full Screen Mode!
~ New: Export Resources as XML, CSV, or TXT
~ New: Export Invoice Summaries as XML, CSV, or TXT
~ New: Option to set Operating Hours for all venues in one go
~ New: "Client" tab of Booking Information Panel now also lists client's paid/outstanding invoices
~ New: Notification if user's browser is outdated
~ Improved: Various performance improvements, including code & image optimizations
~ Improved: Better user experience when using the Public Booking Request feature on a smart phone/mobile device
~ Improved: Failed emails sent via Sendmail will now bounce back to original sender
~ Improved: Warning (and option to add an email address) when approving/rejecting booking requests for client's with no listed email address
~ Fixed: Cumulative roll-up of various fixes for issues discovered since initial v4.00 release

v4.00 (1 August 2012)
~ New: Weekly & Multiple Day Views
~ New: "Drag" existing bookings around the grid to different venues and/or time slots
~ New: Booking Requests can now be filtered to different users based upon requested venue
~ New: Pending Booking Requests can now be shown in, and approved/rejected directly from, the booking grid
~ New: Deleted bookings can be shown in, and restored directly from, the booking grid
~ New: Retrospectively "bulk generate" invoices for clients
~ New: Generate invoices for individual bookings direct from booking grid
~ New: "History" panel shows complete history for each booking
~ New: Show certain booking fields to specific users, and hide from others
~ New: Add descriptions/photos to venues
~ New: Bookings now indicate which invoice they appear under
~ New: Include/Exclude zero value items on invoices option
~ New: Prevent generation of zero value invoices option
~ New: Force users to regularly change their passwords option
~ New: Suspend individual user accounts
~ Improved: MIDAS now uses a MySQL database for storage
~ Improved: Control which fields appear in search results and on the public request screen
~ Improved: When adding bookings for multiple venues, resources can be specified per venue
~ Improved: New "Text Area" Custom Field option
~ Improved: New print option to print bookings as a "grid"
~ Improved: "Remember Me" option now also saves database, language and theme preferences for next visit
~ Improved: Calendar "cells" in Month View now stretch to fill available width
~ Improved: email addresses in "Client" tab of Booking Information Panel can now be clicked to compose new emails
~ Improved: "Jump to Invoice" option no longer requires invoice prefix or correct case to be used
~ Improved: Support for SSL connections to SMTP servers
~ Improved: HTML5 improvements
~ Improved: Touch screen device support improvements
~ Improved: New "metro" style default theme
~ Improved: Security Enhancements: Brute force login protection / account suspension
~ Fixed: 23 Issues Address - See for details

v3.15 (20 February 2012)
~ New: Change how booking printouts are sorted (default is chronologically by start time)
~ Improved: Hours of Operation redesigned - now specify parts of the day when your venues are closed
~ Improved: Modify/Delete Similar Bookings search can now be limited to a date range
~ Improved: Image Optimization
~ Improved: Security Enhancement
~ Fixed: 31 Issues Addressed - See for details

v3.14 (21 October 2011)
~ New: Receive notifications when consumables are low!
~ New: Receive notifications when specific resources are added to bookings!
~ New: Graphical Invoice Statistics on your clients, organizations and booking types!
~ New: Statistics can now be printed!
~ New: "Apply Discounts Silently" option to apply discounts, but "hide" reference to them on invoices
~ New: Internal "Maintenance Mode" setting (puts MIDAS into a "Read-Only" state during maintenance/upgrade periods)
~ Improved: Ability to be notified if another user modifies/deletes bookings you entered
~ Improved: Setting to have "Watches" and internal messages from other users automatically forwarded to your email address
~ Improved: Setting to suppress the "My Messages" popup upon login
~ Improved: Change what information is displayed in the Monthly Overview
~ Improved: Emailing invoices to clients with no email on file allows you to add/save their email address
~ Improved: Auto-complete improvements (keyboard navigation) when selecting client/organizations on booking screen
~ Fixed: 16 Issues Addressed - See for details

v3.13 (25 June 2011)
~ New: Better support for SSL connections, including option to force MIDAS to use SSL
~ New: Notification emails can be automatically sent to administrators whenever new booking requests are received
~ New: "Automatically Adjust for DST" setting
~ Improved: New "6 Months" option added to Recurring Bookings screen
~ Improved: Security Enhancements
~ Improved: CSS Improvements including use of CSS sprites to reduce server requests/improve loading times
~ Improved: Code Optimization
~ Fixed: 22 Issues Addressed - See for details

v3.12 (13 May 2011)
~ New: Now accept public booking requests through your website!
~ New: MIDAS can now automatically send "Booking Confirmations" to clients whenever a booking is made!
~ New: New user permission to drop "Add Booking" functionality in place of "Make Booking Request" function
~ New: Choose which booking fields are included in your printouts
~ New: New user permission to display other user's bookings as simply "Unavailable" time slots, rather than show full details
~ New: You can now specify a global maximum occupancy level across all your venues!
~ New: "Backup Now" button to instantly backup your MIDAS data
~ Improved: MIDAS now sends emails in both HTML and plain text formats!
~ Improved: Customizable email, invoice, and print templates
~ Improved: Bookings for individual clients can now be printed out over a specific date range
~ Improved: You can now perform partial/selective restores from backups
~ Improved: Calculation of recurring/repeat booking dates significantly faster
~ Improved: Any booking field can now be displayed on booking blocks/tooltips
~ Improved: "My Messages" window now pops up upon login if there are any Booking Requests awaiting approval
~ Improved: Code and CPU/Server Load Optimization
~ Improved: Improved server configuration testing during install
~ Fixed: 15 Issues Addressed - See for details

v3.11 (18 January 2011)
~ New: Ability to assign discounts to Booking Types!
~ New: "Close" venues and make them unbookable between two dates
~ New: Invoicing allows you to quickly jump to specific invoices
~ New: When adding new users you can now "clone" an existing user's permissions
~ New: Option to disable "Times" entry on Add Booking Screen so each booking is added for an entire day
~ Improved: "Pin" details in the Booking Info Panel to stop them disappearing when the mouse moves away
~ Improved: Booking Grid now updates in real time!
~ Improved: Recent Activity Log now updates in real time!
~ Improved: Invoice list now paginates
~ Improved: Search results now paginate
~ Improved: Code Optimization
~ Improved: ScriptX version updated (6,5,439,72)
~ TRANSLATION: Dutch translation added! (Courtesy of BWFM van der Biezen
~ Fixed: 32 Issues Addressed - See for details

v3.10 (23 October 2010)
~ New: Ability to modify/delete multiple similar bookings at once!
~ New: Ability to add new bookings by simply clicking & dragging in the booking grid!
~ New: Easily bulk-add multiple bookings, without having to click individual dates
~ New: Ability to add your own custom booking fields!
~ New: Re-order Venues to appear in the order you want
~ New: Allow clients to pay your invoices online via PayPal or Google Checkout!
~ New: Evacuation icon now displays number of people currently estimated to be on site
~ New: Automatically logout users after a specified period of inactivity
~ New: Control whether users can login from more than one location at a time
~ New: New "Removals Only" watch setting - only track bookings that have been deleted
~ Improved: Statistics module re-written with improved graphics
~ Improved: New Booking Type Color Picker
~ New Translations: Spanish and Australian English translations added!
~ Fixed: "Forgot Username/Password" function now sends details of all databases you have a valid login for
~ Fixed: Venues not shown when adding bookings if user's view filters are restricted
~ Fixed: My Messages pop-up now automatically closes after last message is expired
~ Fixed: Venue Group Names containing brackets didn't display correctly
~ Fixed: Rename/Remove Group buttons clickable when no group selected
~ Fixed: Booking printouts not printing in correct time order
~ Fixed: Minor bug fixes for IE9 compatibility
~ Fixed: Print dialog shown twice when printing some bookings
~ Fixed: Some sessions not timing out correctly
~ Fixed: Some emails not being sent from MIDAS if "Sendmail" transport used
~ Fixed: Searching for client's or booking's with apostrophes in them returned no results

v3.01 (1 July 2010)
~ Fixed: Not always possible to change your password [Since v3.00]
~ Fixed: Change Password windows not themed [Since v3.00]
~ Fixed: No filters shown by default when adding a new user [Since v3.00]
~ Fixed: Not possible to add/modify booking types in Firefox [Since v3.00]
~ Fixed: "midaslocal not found" errors if no default database specified [Since v3.00 Build 070610]
~ Fixed: "midaslocal appears corrupt" error on database backup upon first login of the day [Since v3.00 Build 070610]
~ Fixed: Some emails not being sent within MIDAS [Since v3.00 Build 070610]
~ Fixed: Default Theme option not functioning correctly [Since v3.00]

v3.00 (7 June 2010)
~ New: Option to remember your login details
~ New: Ability to send email via SMTP instead of Perl's SENDMAIL
~ New: Option to show messages from MIDAS HQ instead of, or as well as, local welcome message
~ New: Option to combine printouts for bookings over a date range
~ New: Ability to limit maximum number of search results to return
~ Improved: Database architecture moved over to XML
~ Improved: Current database now indicated in title bar if multiple databases setup
~ Improved: More powerful "Search" capabilities
~ Improved: "My Bookings" can now be accessed via "Search"
~ Optimization: General HTML clean-up
~ GUI Fix: Some selected tabs not always highlighted under Google Chrome
~ Security Enhancement: Cookie Handling Authentication Bypass Vulnerability fixed
~ Security Enhancement: Sessions can be set to timeout after a period of inactivity
~ Fixed: Erroneous links to graph.js and line.js removed [Since v1.34]
~ Fixed: Calendar disappears under Google Chrome if selecting a date in November 2010
~ Fixed: Erroneous arrow indicators on some bookings that weren't spanning days
~ Fixed: Attendees shown as "0" instead of blank if no value entered
~ Fixed: General HTML code clean-up
~ Fixed: Language Corrections
~ Fixed: Help popups not resizable
~ Fixed: Invoice Headers/Footers not updating correctly when modified [Since v2.00]
~ Fixed: Selecting a booking occasionally selected adjacent booking
~ Fixed: Multi-line client addresses may not display correctly if added under latest Firefox versions
~ Fixed: Multi-line booking notes may not display correctly if added under IE7/8
~ Fixed: Clicking on a client in the activity log produces blank screen
~ Fixed: JavaScript error when specifying already in use booking type color
~ Fixed: Bookings that span multiple days not indicated under "Client" view
~ Fixed: Corrections to French Translation [Thanks to Ragaf Miramichi]
~ Fixed: "Can't locate" errors when emailing MIDAS
~ Fixed: Some approved pending booking requests not being added

v2.00 (9 September 2009)
~ New: Invoicing comes to MIDAS!
~ New: Ability to export bookings in popular iCal format
~ Improved: "Resources" can now be categorized into Equipment, Consumables, and Staffing
~ Improved: Dates with bookings are now shown in bold in the calendar
~ Improved: Search function overhauled - Now search bookings as well as clients!
~ Improved: New default theme
~ Improved: CSS improvements under Firefox, including text shadows and opacity fix for version 3.1+
~ Improved: Ability to filter activity log by user
~ Tested on the latest IE8 and Windows 7
~ Security Enhancement: No longer possible to keep current password when changing passwords
~ Fixed: Modifying a booking via "My Bookings" caused errors
~ Fixed: Date formatting on print footers different to other date/time formatting
~ Fixed: Difficult to select a Midnight end time for bookings
~ Fixed: Erroneous indicators for bookings "spanning" across multiple days [Since v1.38]
~ Fixed: Small fix for date ranges outside 2005-2010
~ Fixed: Adding resources to a booking could result in "allow scripted windows" prompt in later versions of IE
~ Fixed: Warning graphic not displaying correctly in some cases
~ Fixed: Source editing of Welcome Note not possible on recent versions of Firefox
~ Fixed: ScriptX version updated (6,5,439,30)
~ GUI Fix: Timeline now only displayed when grid view is showing

v1.43 (1 November 2008)
~ Fixed: Updating a venue could corrupt bookings
~ Fixed: Help window not "themed" on login screen
~ Fixed: Possible to over book certain resources

v1.42 (21 September 2008)
~ Improved: Minute intervals when booking start/end times can now be specified (Previously fixed to 5min intervals)
~ Improved: Quicker to modify existing bookings (now only re-checks availability if dates, times, venues, or resources change)
~ Improved: MIDAS Stats page displays browser/server info for diagnostic/support purposes
~ Improved: Numerous minor GUI improvements, including improved logo and "favicon", centered login form, "rounded" corners in Safari/Chrome
~ Tested on the new IE8 Beta 2
~ Tested on Google's new "Chrome" browser
~ Fixed: New Databases not being created correctly
~ Fixed: Renaming Databases no longer prompts about "scripted windows" in later versions of IE
~ Fixed: Possible to delete current database whilst still in use [Since v1.41]
~ Fixed: Database Backup timestamps now correctly formatted
~ Fixed: Prevent backups being restored to wrong databases
~ Fixed: Textareas no longer resizable under Safari/Chrome
~ Fixed: Custom logos not displaying [Since v1.41]

v1.41 (3 August 2008)
~ Fixed: Sub modal windows not displaying correctly in earlier versions of IE
~ Fixed: Install issues under Windows Server 2003 running IIS 6

v1.40 (23 June 2008)
~ New: Ability to add shortcuts for booking between common time intervals
~ Improved: Easier to use "Manage Venues" and "Manage Resources" screens
~ Improved: Support for servers that have trouble handling non-script files within a cgi-bin
~ Improved: Better support for processing incoming emails in Rich Text (RTF) format
~ Fixed: Gibberish punctuation marks in "Big Brother" entry when printing
~ Fixed: Renaming or Removing a Venue Group could corrupt Operating Hours settings [Since v1.30]
~ Fixed: "[Venue] already exists in database" endless alert loop
~ Fixed: Booking two discrete dates always tried to book between them [Since v1.38]
~ Fixed: A few more words not translating correctly

v1.39 (23 May 2008)
~ Fixed: Users unable to change their passwords

v1.38 (24 March 2008)
~ New: Book from a start time on one date to an end time on another date (booking "spans" days)
~ New: Specify which booking fields are visible and/or required
~ New: Clickable <- -> indicators for bookings spanning across multiple days
~ New: Change what's displayed on Grid View Blocks (For instance, Client or Organisation)
~ New Language Pack: Added Greek translation [Thanks to Michalis Pateromichelakis]
~ Fixed: Several bugs in the "My Alerts" modules fixed (Translation and JavaScript errors)
~ Fixed: A couple of Issues addressed in "makerequest" module
~ Fixed: Incomplete Client data being printed in some circumstances
~ Fixed: Unable to navigate back/forwards through calendar months/years in Firefox, or switch to Month View [Since v1.34]
~ Fixed: Some server configurations overriding MIDAS charset setting, causing errors
~ Fixed: Incorrect "Outside Operating Hours" messages for some pending bookings
~ Fixed: Radio buttons not directly selectable for pending bookings
~ Fixed: Possible to corrupt password when updating user permissions [Since v1.37]
~ GUI Fix: "Create New Database" pop-up not being styled

v1.37 (2 January 2008)
~ New: Advanced printing options: Now you can print bookings for selected venues over a date range
~ Improved: Bookings can now be exported between two exact dates (previously only exported whole months)
~ Security Enhancement: Improved password security
~ GUI Fix: Main date not being "styled" if user didn't have permission to add day notes
~ GUI Fix: Default theme background now supported for screen resolutions up to 1440x960
~ Improved: GUI Update - date strings now appear in format "Day, Date Month Year"
~ Fixed: Dates past 2010 not correctly supported on some systems
~ Optimization: "Check Availability & Book" now executes faster

v1.36 (12 September 2007)
~ Fixed: Garbled alert message displayed after selecting client when adding a booking [Since v1.35]
~ Fixed: Initially switching to Month View gave blank calendar if current month was September
~ Fixed: "Manage Booking Types" selected color not being indicated until "Save Changes" clicked [Since v1.35]
~ Fixed: Grid positioning glitch if venues, but no booking types are defined

v1.35 (23 August 2007)
~ New: Ability to export Booking & Client data in a variety of formats (including XML, CSV, and text)
~ New: "Theme" support - customize how MIDAS looks - even add your own logo to the screen & printouts!
~ New: Configurable date/time format, including 12hour clock option, and DD/MM or MM/DD order
~ New: "Security" tab (accessed via the "Manage MIDAS" screen), with the following features:
- Restrict access to a certain IP address or range, for increased security
- Set a minimum password length
- Ignore/Enforce user/pass case sensitivity
~ New: Ability to BCC all outgoing emails sent via MIDAS to a defined address
~ Improved: User permissions for deleting & modifying bookings can now be restricted to bookings made by same user only
~ Improved: The "Welcome Note" can now be edited in WYSIWYG as well as HTML mode
~ Improved: GUI Update - Current date cell is now indicated in "Month View"
~ Improved: GUI Update - "My Bookings" data is now color-coded by booking type
~ Improved: GUI Update - Removed some needless borders & duplicate background image rendering
~ Improved: GUI Update - Translucent "blocks" in the Grid View now supported in Safari
~ Improved: Easier From/To time selection when adding/modifying a booking
~ Improved: More actions logged by "Big Brother"
~ Improved: Changes to "My Alerts" pop-up after login
~ Improved: Changing MIDAS Admin settings now prompts with option to reload MIDAS
~ Security Enhancement: Autocomplete disabled for Login fields
~ Fixed: Restoring databases created under v1.34 could corrupt MIDAS
~ Fixed: "Force Password Change" / Change Password settings not being actioned correctly
~ Fixed: Possible to enter blank values for some required "Manage MIDAS" settings
~ Fixed: Possible to click "Book All Available" button twice
~ Fixed: Lost Password Reminders not being sent under certain conditions
~ Fixed: "Auto send User their Login details via email" not being actioned correctly
~ Fixed: Printing Client's Bookings failed to spawn child window
~ Fixed: Potential security issue when generating printouts
~ Fixed: Client Info Panel initially displaying [None on File] message instead of nothing
~ Fixed: "My Bookings" toggle checkbox not behaving correctly
~ Fixed: Database being temporarily backed up even if "Keep Server Backups" set to "No"
~ Fixed: "maskBG" Access Denied error in some server logs
~ Fixed: GUI glitches in "My Alerts" pop-up

v1.34 (21 April 2007)
~ New: Emergency "Evacuation" button - Get an instant printout of all current persons on-site
~ New: "Operating Hours" user setting to limit view - GridView won't show hours outside these!
~ New: "Resource Availability" checking added
~ New Language Pack Added: Italian
~ Improved: GUI Update - Stats module now includes Pie Charts for some stats
~ Improved: GUI Update - Grid View "Blocks" are now slightly translucent
~ Improved: GUI Update - "Month View" cells highlight when mouse moves over them
~ Improved: GUI Update - "My Bookings" and "Restore Deleted Bookings" data more readable
~ Improved: CSS Update
~ Fixed: "Bad Gateway" errors if running under some versions of IIS
~ Fixed: Erroneous log-outs with certain user permission combinations
~ Fixed: Clients no longer shown in Month View even if "Can view Client Info" user setting is set to "No"
~ Fixed: Language selection now remembered upon logout
~ Fixed: "No booking data on file" message not closing print window correctly
~ Fixed: Modifying a client may not update existing client's bookings
~ Fixed: Printing a client's bookings incorrectly displayed organisation in place of booking type
~ Fixed: Fieldset labels shown in wrong color under Vista
~ Fixed: Top 10 Client stats not displaying correctly in Firefox
~ Fixed: Scrollbars displayed in GridView in Firefox
~ Fixed: ' in full names of MIDAS users causing JS errors
~ Fixed: Clicking "Change Booking" on Booking Availability screen didn't remember resources
~ Fixed: Email Footers not displaying correctly
~ Fixed: Emails sent via MIDAS that failed to reach their destinations didn't bounce back to sender
~ Fixed: Divide by zero error in Booking Stats if no bookings found
~ Fixed: "Days With Bookings" statistic incorrect
~ Fixed: ScriptX URL and version updated (6,3,434,26)
~ Removed some obsolete code

v1.33 (21 January 2007)
~ Improved: Removed 3-digit attendees limit when adding bookings
~ Improved: Calendar CSS updated
~ Improved: "Booking Info Panel" Tooltips added
~ Improved: References to "Ctrl" button, updated to "Cmnd" button on Macs
~ Language Packs Updated
~ Fixed: Clicking "Clients Other Bookings" dates failed to update main date title
~ Fixed: Mac users not able to add clients/users on Safari
~ Fixed: Many GUI/Layout issues with MIDAS on Safari (Mac) addressed, including:
- "Month View" and "Add/Modify Booking" screens
- "Grid View" displaying "blocks" slightly too long on Safari (Mac)
- "Client Info Panel"
~ Fixed: Indecisive checkboxes in "My Bookings" on Safari (Mac)
~ Fixed: Filters with "spaces" not handled correctly
~ Fixed: Not possible to add/update MIDAS users on Firefox
~ Fixed: "Group Access" list in User Admin not updating on Firefox
~ Fixed: Some words/phrases not translating

v1.32 (29 September 2006)
~ Fixed: "no bookings on file" Print bug when client had only 1 past/future booking

v1.31 (20 August 2006)
~ Improved GUI icons
~ Fixed: "Delete Booking" menu option not shown for past dates with "Allow Historical" permission
~ Fixed: "Delete" and "Modify" buttons disabled for past dates with "Allow Historical" permission
~ Fixed: Right-clicking Print icon displayed incorrectly sized window

v1.30 (13 August 2006)
~ Ability to set "Operating Hours" for each venue
~ Ability to attach notes/reminders visible to all users on key dates
~ Ability to "watch" venues for new bookings
~ New User Permissions:
- "Can make Historical Bookings" - allowing user to make bookings after they've taken place (to maintain accurate records)
- "Can book outside Operating Hours" - allowing user to override booking restrictions outside a Venue's normal Opening Hours
- "Can make Day Notes" - allow user to make notes/reminders on key dates
- Control which venue "groups" (filters) users have access to, allowing you to "hide" venues from certain users
~ Re-designed & Improved most of the Admin settings pages
~ "My Alerts & Reminders" now polls for updates at regular intervals (no longer just at login)
~ Fixed: Unable to print booking data for some clients
~ Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar sometimes shown in Grid View
~ Fixed: Long venue names spilling into time blocks in Grid View
~ Fixed: Potential JS security vulnerability in "Welcome Note"
~ Fixed: "expire now" text incorrectly displayed in "My Alerts"
~ Language Packs updated

v1.20 (1 May 2006)
~ Now compatible with current Firefox/Mozilla browsers!
~ Also tested for IE7 compatibility!
~ GUI Updates
~ Existing Organisation Selection Improvements - "Find as you type"
~ Fixed: Possible to edit bookings in "Client View" even if no edit permissions!
~ Fixed: Possible to add new client twice, without realising
~ Fixed: Blank "alerts" caused by incorrect language references
~ Fixed: Timeline markers overlapped itself if screen resolution was too low
~ Fixed: Database Admin selector showed default database, not current one by default
~ Fixed: Visible IFRAME which should be hidden

v1.10 (10 April 2006)
~ Language Packs / Localisation Implemented
~ Fixed: Adding a booking if main calendar date is in the past booked on wrong date
~ Fixed: "Equipment" renamed to "Resources" in Print View & My Bookings
~ Fixed: Fixed: Modifying certain client's didn't save changes
~ Fixed: Adding new users caused "404 Not Found" errors

v1.00 (11 March 2006)
~ First Commercial Release
~ New: "Check for MIDAS Updates" Implemented
~ New: "Manage Resources" Admin Implemented
~ Fixed: Setting color of new booking type could cause duplicate booking types
~ Fixed: Removing a booking type could cause Internal Server Error
~ Fixed: Updating a User's Permissions when only 1 user caused JS errors
~ Fixed: Login/Out Invisibility
~ Fixed: Numerous fixes to the Stats module

v0.37 (9 March 2006)
~ Further convergence
~ New: More MIDAS Admin Settings implemented
~ New: Ability to automatically restore Backups implemented
~ Improved: Added warnings if no Venues found or Booking Types defined
~ Fixed: Possible to remove the default MIDAS user
~ Fixed: Initial Filter Drop-Down could be out-of-sync with Grid View
~ Fixed: User Admin when only 1 user caused JS errors
~ Fixed: No Admin Redirect if no Restore Bookings Permission
~ Fixed: Daily Backups not including all data

v0.36 (7 March 2006)
~ Improved: "Print View" time selection
~ Improved: Visual indication of total pending Booking Requests now updates regularly
~ Fixed: Name of Email & Server Database Backups now synchronized
~ Fixed: MIDAS AI Updates to fix pre-4pm bookings and invalid times
~ Fixed: Possible to "Add Comments" with no booking selected

v0.35 (5 March 2006)
~ New: Ability to add post-booking notes & comments
~ New: Visual indication of "canceled" bookings
~ New: More MIDAS Admin Settings Implemented
~ Improved: Restore Deleted Bookings sorting
~ Improved: 30-Day cut-off removed from "My Bookings"
~ Improved: MIDAS User Admin (Default user can now always manage MIDAS & Users)
~ Update: Help file updates
~ Improved: Database & Settings localization
~ Further convergence

v0.34 (28 February 2006)
~ Fixed: Length of bookings sometimes display 1m shorter than actual length
~ Fixed: Level 2 - Booking Type
~ Fixed: Level 2 - Modifying/Deleting Booking returns back to GridView again

v0.33 (24 February 2006)
~ Improved: Incoming Email AI
~ Improved: Outgoing Email
~ Improved: Major Pending Queue module overhaul
- Checkboxes replaced with radio buttons
- "Query" button added
- "Modify" function implemented
~ Update: Help file updates
~ Change: BB Icon substitution
~ Fixed: User Permission editing caused JS error

v0.32 (15 February 2006)
~ New: "My Alerts" to help keep track of important bookings, and send notes to other users
~ Improved: Checking of attendees field when adding/modifying a booking
~ Fixed: Data for the 9th of each month wasn't shown in Monthly View
~ Fixed: JS error if BB data re-directs to client search result

v0.31 (12 February 2006)
~ New: Admin ability to "Restore Deleted Bookings"
~ Change: Internal MIDAS actions no longer show up in "User Stats"
~ Update: Initial work started on new Level 3 alternative:
- Users will be able to e-mail MIDAS, and ask questions in plain english,
- Such as "Is the theatre available period 2 a week tomorrow?"
- MIDAS will then automatically check availability, and immediately e-mail them back a response!
- ..and, if available, provide a link to convert their request into an actual "Booking Request"
- ..which once clicked adds the request to the Level 1 "Pending Queue"!
~ Fixed: Now not possible to delete/modify bookings in the past

v0.30 (6 February 2006)
~ New: Automatic Database Backup facility implemented
~ Improved: Internet Explorer 7 compatibility updates:
- "Grid View" time marker text more legible
- "User Admin" vertical text letter-spacing increased

v0.29 (5 February 2006)
~ Improved: Important security enhancements
~ New: Individual "User Permission" settings implemented
~ Improved: Internal Time/Date centralization
~ Improved: "Add Booking" time selection
~ Improved: Basic e-mail address format checking added
~ Improved: Stats module
~ Improved: BBB now logs data from "Settings" module
~ Improved: Pending module updates & improvements
- Users can now "Lock" booking requests whilst they process/query them
- BBB now logs Approved/Rejected requests
~ Improved: Level 2 improvements:
- Pending Queue now refreshes when a booking is added/changed
~ Update: Help DB update
~ Fixed: "Monthly View" stopped showing number of bookings each day
~ Fixed: Level 3 - Joined "Pending" lines if quick requesting post-4pm

v0.28 (1 February 2006)
~ New: "Help" link added to login page
~ New: Initial "Settings" implementation
~ Improved: GUI
~ Improved: BBB Datestamp
~ Fixed: Booking exploit that allowed booking a date in the past
~ Fixed: Pending Queue - Incorrect MR check
~ Fixed: "\'" bug when displaying BBB Data
~ Fixed: Modifying bookings added incorrect entry in BBB data

v0.27 (31 January 2006)
~ Improved: Stats module
~ Change: To stop DB sizes spiraling, "My Bookings" and some "BBB" data is only stored for 30 days

v0.26 (29 January 2006)
~ New: Important Security Enhancements
~ New: Initial "Statistics" module implementation
~ New: Initial Level 2 implementation
~ New: Limited BBB implementation
~ New: Auto "Tabbing" around "Add/Modify" Booking Form
~ Change: Default filter changed to "In Use"
~ Change: "Equipment" heading renamed to "Resources" in Pending view
~ Fixed: Dark items in "Booking Types" drop-downs now have white foregrounds
~ Fixed: Cursor now displays pointer, rather than caret by default in Booking Info panel

v0.25 (27 January 2006)
~ New: Current Time now indicated & updated if viewing data for current day (shown by red line)
~ New: Time "Period" options when Booking Venues

v0.24 (26 January 2006)
~ Fixed: Level 3 pending file format incorrect when making Advanced Booking Requests

v0.23 (24 January 2006)
~ New Filter Option: "Clients" - Replaces Venue list with list of clients with bookings on selected date!
~ Fixed: Selecting multiple calendar dates when adding booking now correctly sorts by earliest first
~ Fixed: "\'" bug when displaying "Existing Organisations" list

v0.22 (22 January 2006)
~ New: Important Security Enhancements
~ New: Automatic notifications can now be sent when a client's Booking Request is Approved/Rejected
~ New: Ability to recover a lost Username or Password
~ New: Initial Help Module Implementation
~ New: Implemented "Force Password Change on Next Login" option
~ New: "Add New Client" button added to Client Database
~ New: Bookings now reflect changes made to a modified Client Name / Organisation
~ New: If a client is deleted, all their bookings are now also removed
~ New: If viewing Pending Queue, data now refreshes every 5 mins
~ New: Ability to add a comment/reason when rejecting a booking request
~ New: "Check Status of my Booking Requests" now lists rejected requests
~ New: Obsolete Approved & Pending Data automatically removed
~ Change: "Discard" button in Pending View renamed to "Reject"
~ Fixed: Data Sorting is now case insensitive
~ Fixed: "Print View" "\'" bug fix
~ Fixed: "Toggle" box not working in "My Bookings"
~ Fixed: Returning from Modifying/Deleting client didn't re-build Context Menu
~ Fixed: Empty Data files now automatically removed
~ Fixed: "Pending" button text now updates
~ Fixed: Level 3 - Changing "Period" didn't update venue list
~ Fixed: Level 3 - "colwidth" error when checking availability
~ Fixed: Level 3 - "Request All Available" now disabled if now venue available

v0.21 (17 January 2006)
~ New: Grid View ToolTip now displays Client Name
~ New: "Book All Available" button now disabled if no available slots are found
~ Fixed: Booking Conflict Logic
~ Fixed: Gridview Venue Tooltip height
~ Fixed: Unable to retrieve client info for clients/organisations with "&" in them

v0.20 (15 January 2006)
~ New: "My Bookings" Additions/Changes:
- Layout improvements
- Bookings can now be modified via "My Bookings"
- "My Bookings" now defaults to 25 entries per page (previously 10)
- Obsolete data now automatically removed from "My Bookings"
~ Improved: Checking for existing client name when adding New Clients
~ Improved: Availability Checking now faster if modifying bookings
~ Improved: Grid View now renders faster
~ Improved: "Pending" button now indicates number of booking requests in pending queue
~ Update: Client DB Compatibility Update
~ Change: "Modify Booking" button when checking availability renamed to "< Change Booking"
~ Fixed: Not completing a "Modify Booking" action caused booking being modified to be removed
~ Fixed: "My Bookings" not displaying data if filtered to venue containing ()
~ Fixed: "Updated" field in "Booking Info" panel not clearing in "Sticky" mode
~ Fixed: Booking/Resources/Client Info panel now clears when not in Grid View
~ Fixed: Booking type no longer resets after selecting client when adding/modifying booking
~ Fixed: Focus no longer stays on Filter option upon filter change
~ Fixed: Changing to Grid View by clicking date in Month View prevented correct calendar navigation

v0.19 (13 January 06)
~ New: Initial Implementation of "Monthly View" Module (Accessible via clicking "Month, Year" at top of calendar)

v0.18 (12 January 06)
~ Fixed: Unable to delete text in "Booking Notes" or "Attendees" fields when adding a booking
~ Fixed: ' in client names in "My Bookings" module caused errors
~ Fixed: Unable to select bookings on page 2+ of "My Bookings" results

v0.17 (12 January 06)
~ New: Directly e-mail clients via right-click option in Client DB
~ New: Print Client's past/future/all bookings via right-click in Client DB
~ Improved: Page x of x added to top all printed pages
~ Fixed: Including " or ' in ANY "Add Booking" or "Add Client" field caused bookings to be incorrectly added/not added at all
~ Fixed: Pressing Backspace whilst adding a booking navigated back a page

v0.16 (11 January 06)
~ New: Ability to add booking or "block out" a venue for the entire day (From:00.00 To:00.00)
~ Improved: Title of "Resources" tab now changes to indicate number of resources for a booking
~ Improved: Scrollbar appearance
~ Improved: Print View improvement when printing Exams with no booking notes
~ Change: Width of Client DB search results increased
~ Change: Grid View now refreshes/updates every hour
~ Fixed: Including " or ' in the "Booking Notes" field caused bookings to be incorrectly added/not added at all
~ Fixed: Resizing the browser caused Grid View to display incorrectly
~ Fixed: Deleting a booking returned to Grid View with no data shown (blank filter)
~ Fixed: 23:00-24:00 Grid not displaying correctly
~ Fixed: "My Bookings" now displays bulleted resource list
~ Fixed: "My Bookings" background image scrolling
~ Fixed: \' showing up in place if ' in notes column of "My Bookings"

v0.15 (10 January 06)
~ New: Client details can now be modified/updated
~ New: Right-Clicking on "Print" icon allows specifying of print range (in Hours)
~ Improved: "Booking Info" panel improvements:
- Data Fields now longer and so display more info
- New "Length" field to show duration of booking

v0.14 (08 January 06)
~ New: "Future Bookings" panel added alongside "Previous Bookings" in "Client Info" panel
~ Improved: Numerous improvements to "My Bookings" module:
- Filter "My Bookings" by Date, Client, or Venue
- Change number of results shown per page
- "My Bookings" now only shows current & future bookings
- "My Bookings" now lists by booking date first (Originally oldest added first)
- Right-clicking a booking in "My Bookings" jumps to that date
~ Improved: "Previous Bookings" and "Future Bookings" now "scrollable"
~ Improved: Listing all clients in DB now lists them alphabetically
~ Fixed: Calendar no longer re-orders first day of week when clicking day name
~ Fixed: After Adding/Modifying/Deleting a booking, previous "Filter" option not restored
~ Fixed: "Action Canceled"/"No page to display" error page when done deleting from "My Bookings"
~ Fixed: Long organisation names caused "blocks" to be displayed incorrectly in "Grid View"
~ Fixed: List of Client's Previous Bookings could exceed available screen height
~ Fixed: Grid View date may become out of sync with main date
~ Fixed: Background Image re-sized to 1280x960

v0.13 (06 January 06)
~ New: Added logging of all logins/logouts
~ Improved: Client DB Improvements:
- Now possible to "Add New Client"
- Now possible to "Delete Client" via right-click Menu
- "Client Notes" tooltip whilst "hovering" over search results
- Results column widths changed
- DB Updated
~ Improved: "Booking Type" Colors updated
~ Fixed: Searching Client DB for certain non-alphanumeric characters produced erroneous results

v0.12 (05 January 06)
~ New: Initial Level 3 Implementation:
- Level 3 Users can now check upon the status of their booking requests
~ New: Level 1 Features:
- "My Bookings" button to view/delete all bookings made by logged in user
- Added "Right-clicking" "Modify/Delete" options to blocks in grid view
~ New: All clients in database can be listed by searching for "!"
~ Fixed: Prevention of end time being earlier than start time
~ Fixed: Prevention of non-numeric characters when specifying audience/participants numbers
~ Fixed: Pending Queue Bugs:
- Only 1 item in "Pending Queue" caused JS error.
- Approving booking(s) logs and adds to approved file
- Pending will no longer display data before current day

v0.11 (04 January 06)
~ New: Delete bookings via new "Delete Booking" button
~ New: Modify bookings via new "Modify Booking" button
~ Fixed: "Add Booking" initial dates selection not correctly triggering
~ Fixed: Resource list only displaying one item
~ Fixed: Changing filter didn't clear any displayed booking history

v0.10 (03 January 06)
~ New: "Add Booking" write support for single venue/single date
~ New: "Add Booking" write support for multiple venues/single date
~ New: "Add Booking" write support for multiple venues/multiple dates
~ New: "Add Booking" update of Clients Previous Bookings data
~ New: "Add Booking" -> Availability Check
~ New: User & timestamp added to new bookings
~ Improved: Formatting of Created/Updated fields in main view
~ Change: Client Database PrevData Format Change

v0.09 (02 January 06)
~ New: "Printed by" added to Print View Module
~ Improved: "Add Booking" now defaults to selected date
~ Fixed: Add booking -> initial date repeated each month
~ Fixed: Print View Module -> No hline if no cell data
~ Fixed: "Previous Bookings" data not updating in "sticky" mode
~ Fixed: Add Booking -> New Client dialogArguments [object] fix
~ Fixed: Wording change in Grid View module to denote no bookings

v0.08 (31 December 2005)
~ "Equipment" reclassified as "Resources" to include staffing
~ "Add Booking" module improvements:
- Now won't allow you to book in the past!
- "Remove" button for resources implemented
- "Maximum Occupancy Exceeded" checking added
- "Use existing organisation" option added
~ Login Module initial implementation:
- Login/out screen created
- "Latest News" panel added
- Added "Logged in as" display to main page
- Added "Logout" and "Change Password" options to main page
~ Fixed: "Add" button in "Resource" module not functioning

v0.07 (30 December 2005)
~ Added global variables to all modules
~ "Print" improvements:
Icon moved to main window next to filter options
Now opens a "Print Preview" window, rather than printing a hidden frame
~ ActiveX Print Layout module implemented
~ Creation of "MIDAS" logo
~ "Add Booking" Module initial implementation
- "Add Equipment" implementation
- "Existing Client" database search implementation

v0.06 (29 December 2005)
~ Further implementation of "Pending" Module:
- "Toggle" checkbox added
- "Discard" selected booking requests
- "Approve" selected booking requests
- Checking for attempts to approve "Unavailable" requests
~ Initial implementation of "Print" module
~ Fixed: Unclickable checkboxes in Pending queue

v0.05 (28 December 2005)
~ New: Filtering to show only rooms with bookings in them ("In Use" Filter option)
~ New: Initial implementation of "Pending" Module:
- Displaying data from Pending Database
- Checking of room availability
~ New: "Print" icon added to "In Use" filtered view

v0.04 (27 December 2005)
~ New: Initial daily Database read support in GridView module
~ New: Display of booking info when mouse "hovers" over a booking in GridView
~ New: Colouring of booking by event type
~ New: Booking Info, Equipment, & Client Info "tabs"
~ New: Left-click "Sticky" flag for booking data
~ Improved: Re-Implementation of Calendar using API
~ New: Clickable listing of client's previous bookings
~ Improved: Filtering:
- If viewing a client's booking history, filter defaults to "Show All"
- If filter is changed booking data is cleared from panel
~ Fixed: Booking Data for last venue in list not being displayed

v0.03 (23 December 2005)
~ New: Initial Level 1 Filter Support
~ New: Passing of date to GridView module

v0.02 (22 December 2005)
~ New: Initial Level 1 GUI Implementation
~ Fixed: Clicking "Today" has no effect if today is a "special" (red) day

v0.01 (10 December 2005)
~ Initial Concept
~ Initial Calendar Implementation
~ Initial CSS Implementation
~ Creation of Level 3/Stage 1:
- Selection of Date(s)
- Selection of From/To Times
- Extraction of Room Categories & Rooms
- Posting of data to Level 3/Stage 2
- Checking that end time does not precede start time
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