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Online Payments

If you have a PayPal or Stripe account, you can set up MIDAS to allow your clients to pay their invoices or quotations online.

Set up payment of invoices / quotations through PayPal

  • Select the toolbar icon.
  • Select "Manage MIDAS".
  • Select the "Invoicing" tab.
  • In the "Online Payments" section, click the tick box adjacent to the PayPal logo to enable payments via PayPal.
  • Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. This is the account where you receive PayPal payments.
  • Click / tap "Save Changes".

Set up payment of invoices / quotations through Stripe

  • Select the toolbar icon.
  • Select "Manage MIDAS".
  • Select the "Invoicing" tab.
  • In the "Online Payments" section, click the tick box adjacent to the "Powered By Stripe" logo to enable payments via Stripe.
  • Enter your Stripe "Secret" and "Publishable" keys. Find out how to obtain these in our "Configuring Stripe Integration" Knowledge Base article.
  • Click / tap "Save Changes".

How your clients can pay their invoices and quotations online

Once you have configured PayPal and / or Stripe as outlined above, your clients can then pay online the invoices or quotations you send them from MIDAS.

In order to pay online, clients will need to do the following:

  • Open their browser, and navigate to https://your_midas_url/pay (Where "your_midas_url" is the URL of your MIDAS).
  • Enter their Invoice or Quotation Number, For example, MIDAS1234.
  • Enter the date shown on their Invoice/Quotation.
  • If you've enabled additional security (See also Manage Invoice Settings), the client may also be required to enter their email address.
  • If you've configured both PayPal and Stripe payment options, the client will be offered a choice between the two.
  • Click / tap "Pay Invoice" (or "Pay Quotation").
  • MIDAS will then retrieve and display their invoice or quotation, and the total amount due.
  • The client then clicks "Pay Invoice" (or "Pay Quotation") and is then transferred to a secure PayPal payment page (in the case of the PayPal option), or presented with credit card input fields (in the case of the Stripe option), allowing the client to complete their payment.

Note: A client can only pay an invoice once it has been actioned (printed, emailed, etc) within MIDAS. Until it has been either printed or emailed to a client, MIDAS assumes that the invoice has not yet been sent

Note: Stripe will only be available as a payment method to your clients if enabled and provided your online payment screen (https://your_midas_url/pay) is served over an https connection

Tip: You can configure your PayPal account to automatically notify MIDAS once an invoice has been paid via PayPal, allowing MIDAS to automatically update the invoice's payment status accordingly. Please see: Configuring PayPal Integration.
(In the case of payment by Stripe, no further configuration is required, as MIDAS will automatically update invoices upon successful payment)

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