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MIDAS Documentation v4.36

The Main Window

Screenshot of a MIDAS room booking system
Once you log in to MIDAS, you'll see a screen similar to the above. The majority of this screen is occupied by the "booking grid" - a graphical representation of bookings for the selected date(s). In the "booking grid", your venues are stacked vertically down the left-hand side and the times of day are across the top (the "Timeline"). The position of booking "blocks" within the grid denotes their time and venue. Blocks can also be color-coded by their type to allow them to be easily identifiable in the booking grid.

The Calendar

The MIDAS Calendar

In the top left corner of the window (on a landscape-orientated device), or bottom left corner (on a portrait-orientated device) is the main navigation calendar.

You use this to select the date, or date range to view in the booking grid.

Jumps forward a month
Jumps back a month

Selecting the Month or Year heading at the top of the calendar will allow you to quickly "jump" to specific months/years.

Clicking / tapping on the "Today" button below the calendar at any time will jump you back to the current day if not already selected.

The Booking Information Panel

The "Booking Information Panel" is located on the left-hand side of the screen directly beneath the navigation calendar on landscape-orientated devices, and at the bottom to the right of the calendar on portrait-orientated devices. This panel displays a wealth of information about any booking you "hover" your mouse over (or tap) in the booking grid.

The Booking Information Panel has three tabs:

The MIDAS Booking Information Panel


Displays specifics about the selected booking, including venue, times, attendees, notes, resources, and any custom booking fields.


Displays the history of the selected booking. Whenever a booking is modified, MIDAS will log the date and time of the modification as well as the user responsible for the update.


Displays extended information about the client that the booking is for, including their address, email, phone numbers, and any custom client fields.

A list of other dates the client has bookings on is also shown on the Client tab, which can be clicked/tapped to "jump" to that date in the booking grid.

Additionally, a list of the client's paid/outstanding invoices may also be shown on this tab, each of which can be clicked/tapped to view the corresponding invoice.

Tip: Selecting the icon in the top-right corner of the Booking Information Panel will "pin" the current details shown in the panel. Details will then no longer disappear when the mouse moves away from a booking block in the booking grid! Once the panel has been "pinned", you will then be able to interact with the information within - for example, if an invoice is attached to the booking, you'll be able to jump straight to that invoice, or from the "Client" tab, you'll be able to email the client directly by clicking / tapping on their email address, or instantly jump to other dates where the client has bookings. To "unpin" information from the Booking Information Panel, simply select the icon again.

Tip: If you have permission to print in MIDAS, and the "pin" option is enabled in the Booking Information Panel, then adjacent to the icon, you'll also see a small print icon. This can be used to quickly print out the information in the currently selected tab in the Booking Information Panel

The Toolbar Icons

The main toolbar in the top right of the screen will contain some or all of the following icons (depending upon your user permissions):
Add Booking(s)
Pending Booking Requests
Notification Center
Recent Activity
MIDAS Admin Options
Print Emergency Evacuation Data

View Options

Near the top right of the screen are a number of options that control the display of the booking grid and how you interact with it. First off, a "View" drop-down menu allows you to "filter" which group of venues are shown in the booking. For example, you can choose to show only those venues with bookings for that particular date (In Use), or certain "groups" of venues. (To define "venue groups" please see Managing Venues). The other option present in this "View" list is "Clients". If this is selected, the booking grid will change to show clients instead of venues on the vertical axis of the booking grid.

Alongside the "View" drop-down, some or all of the following icons may be present (depending upon your user permissions)

/ Lock / Unlock Grid

Selecting this icon will present you with a choice of Dynamic Grid Editing modes:
  • Disabled - Dynamic Grid Editing Disabled.
  • Unlock Grid (Move) - When selected will then allow you to "move" (reschedule) bookings in the booking grid by simply "dragging" them to new positions.
  • Unlock Grid (Duplicate) - When selected will then allow you to "duplicate" (copy) a booking in the booking grid to a new slot by simply "dragging" it.
  • Retain Start Time - This option is used in conjunction with the Move/Duplicate editing options above. With "Retain Start Time" also selected, moved or duplicated bookings will retain the start time of the original booking. For example, if a booking that starts at 9am on a Monday is "dragged" to any point on Tuesday, its start time will automatically be adjusted to 9am. Without "Retain Start Time" selected, the start time of moved or duplicated booking will depend upon the precise position in the grid where they are "dropped"

When Dynamic Grid Editing is disabled, the icon will show and it will not be possible to "drag" bookings around the booking grid. When Dynamic Grid Editing is enabled, the icon will change to show

Show Pending Bookings

If selected, the Booking Grid will also display "Booking Requests" along with actual bookings.

Show Deleted Bookings

If selected, the Booking Grid will also display bookings that have been recently deleted along with actual bookings.

Day View

Display 1 day - 8 weeks at a time in the booking grid (Use the selector to the left of the "timeline" to change the number of days shown in the grid at any one time).

Note: The multi-day selector will only be available if the hours you have access to in your booking grid run Midnight-Midnight. If your hours have been restricted to only show a portion of each day the multi-day selector will not be available to you

Month View

Display one month at a time in the booking grid.

The Booking "Grid"

The majority of the main window is taken up with the "booking grid" - a visual depiction of bookings for the current date/time range.

Each booking "block" may be color-coded to denote its type.

"Hovering" your mouse over a booking in the grid, clicking, or tapping a booking will display additional information in the Booking Information Panel.

Clicking / tapping a booking "block" may (depending upon your account permissions) present you with options allowing you to, for example, modify or delete the booking.

Clicking / tapping and "dragging" a block when the booking grid is "unlocked" will allow you to "move" (reschedule) or "copy" (duplicate) the booking.

Clicking / tapping and "dragging" across a blank area of the booking grid when its "unlocked" will take you directly to the "Add Bookings" screen with the venue, start and finish times you dragged across preselected.

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