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MIDAS Documentation v4.36


  • MIDAS was created by Mark Harrington
  • Original BETA Testers: Miriam Goodall, Jack Hardiker
  • BETA Testers: BWFM van der Biezen, Beth Grimsey, Tony Noble, James Parker, Paul Penketh, Robert Salter, Butch Thompson, Bert Laurence
  • Language Translation contributors:
       Dutch: BWFM van der Biezen
       French: Vincent Ndi / Martin Giroux
       Greek: Michalis Pateromichelakis
  • MIDAS utilizes PerlPlexity
  • MIDAS contains the following 3rd party components:
       jQuery by jQuery Foundation
       jQuery UI by jQuery Foundation
       qTip2 by Craig Thompson
       Autocomplete by Tomas Kirda
       Have I been Pwned? by Troy Hunt
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