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Refunding Invoices

The "Refund Invoice" feature of MIDAS allows you to mark a paid invoice as refunded either in whole or in part.

To apply a refund to an invoice:

  • Select the icon in the main toolbar.
  • On the invoicing screen, use the "Jump to Invoice" function to locate the invoice you wish to mark as refunded, or use the "Show Invoices" drop-down to filter invoices held in MIDAS and locate this invoice from the results.
  • Click / tap the invoice's corresponding icon. (Note: This icon is only shown on invoices for which a payment has previously been recorded)
  • You'll then be prompted to enter the amount to mark as a refund against the selected invoice. This will default to the full amount that has already been paid against the invoice.
  • Selecting the "Apply refund as client credit?" option will add the amount you're applying as a refund as a client credit in MIDAS. Any client credit is automatically deducted from the client's next invoice.
  • Selecting the "Raise Credit Note?" option will also create a credit note for the refunded amount.
  • Click "Apply Refund" to complete the action and mark a refund against the selected invoice.

It's important to note that refunding an invoice either in whole or in part won't actually refund/reverse any monetary transaction your client has already made. The ability to refund in MIDAS is purely for your record keeping. Physical refunds would still need to be manually processed where applicable.
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