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MIDAS Documentation v4.35

Restore Deleted Bookings

If an important booking has accidentally been deleted, the "Restore Deleted Bookings" function allows you to selectively re-instate bookings that have been recently deleted by MIDAS users.

You can restore deleted bookings via the icon and selecting "Restore Deleted Bookings".

Simply select all the bookings you wish to reinstate, and click/tap the "Restore Booking(s)" button.

Alternatively, you can restore individual bookings direct from the booking grid! Clicking/tapping the icon in the main window (to the right of the "View" selector) will toggle the showing of recently deleted bookings in the grid. Subsequently clicking/tapping one of these deleted bookings will present you with the option to restore or completely remove the booking.

NOTE: You cannot restore a booking if another booking, which occupies the same date, time, and venue, has been made since the original booking was deleted
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