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MIDAS Documentation v4.36

Activity Tracker

MIDAS includes an "activity tracker" that keeps a log of recent user activity in MIDAS. This audit log records logins/outs, failed login attempts, bookings and clients added, modified, or removed, emails sent, database backups, etc.

The audit log may be accessed via the icon in the main toolbar.

Newest activity is shown first, with each time stamped entry indicating the user account and IP addresses the action originated under.

Tip: MIDAS can convert raw IP addresses in the activity log to geographic locations with our optional Geolocation Addon

The activity log can be filtered by both user and event category.

Furthermore, user accounts with permission to export data may also export the recent activity log to Excel at any time via the icon.

Tip: It is possible to set individual users to be "invisible" so that their MIDAS activity won't appear in the "Recent Activity" log - see Managing Users & Permissions
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