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Processing Booking Requests

The "Pending Booking Requests" icon in the toolbar allows you to view "Booking Requests" currently awaiting approval for the venues for which you are a "Manager".

Tip: If a number is visible on the "Pending Booking Requests" icon in the toolbar, this indicates the number of Booking Requests that are currently awaiting approval for the venues you manage

From the "Pending Booking Requests" screen you can action booking requests in the following ways:


Accept the Booking Request, add it to MIDAS as a confirmed booking, and automatically notify the client via email that their request has been approved.
To automatically create an invoice when confirming the booking, ensure that the "Generate Invoices when approving requests" option at the bottom of the screen is selected (This option will only be present if you have sufficient invoicing user permissions)


Compose a new email to the client to request more information/query their booking request, etc.


Allows you to make modifications to the original Booking Request, before it is added to MIDAS as a confirmed booking - for example the client may have requested "Room 1", you may wish to move them into "Room 2" instead. Once the modified request has been added to MIDAS, the client is automatically notified via email that a modified version of their original request has been approved, and the revised details are also included in the email.


Reject the selected Booking Request, and remove it from MIDAS. You will be prompted to give a reason why you are rejecting the request, which will be sent to the client via email.

/ Lock / Unlock

Click / tap this icon to "lock" a Booking Request to you. When a request is "locked", no MIDAS user other than yourself may perform any action upon the request. This is useful if you have multiple MIDAS users with access to the Pending Booking Request screen, and you're in the process of querying a request with a client - you don't want another user to approve/reject it if you're currently dealing with the request yourself!

Bulk Approve / Bulk Reject Booking Requests

The "Bulk Reject" button, when clicked, will reject all outstanding booking requests currently in your queue. You will also be prompted to give a reason why you are rejecting all requests, which will be sent via email to each client with a booking request being rejected.
The "Bulk Approve" button, when clicked, will attempt to approve all currently outstanding booking requests. Requests which conflict with existing bookings, fall outside operating hours, or conflict with another request that has just been approved as part of the "Bulk Approve" process will not be approved.
Because the order in which booking requests are approved may affect the availability of other booking requests, you can configure the order in which MIDAS will attempt to approve booking requests when the "Bulk Approve" button is clicked. You'll find this setting via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Web Requests → Bulk Approval Order.


At the bottom of your Pending Booking Request screen you'll find a number of options...

Tick the "Notify me by email when new requests are received" option to receive automated email notification whenever new booking requests for a venue you manage are received. If the "Only if I'm not logged in" option is additionally selected, you'll only be sent these notifications when you're not logged in.

Tick the "Approve / Reject silently" option prior to processing a booking request to do so "silently" (with no email notification sent to the original requester that their request has been approved/rejected).

Note: To prevent the "Approve / Reject silently" option from being inadvertently left selected, the setting will not be saved when you navigate away from the Pending Booking Requests screen, and will default to "off" upon each visit

Tick the "Generate Invoices when approving requests" box to have MIDAS automatically generate an invoice whenever you approve a booking request.


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