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Manage Appearance Settings

The Appearance settings screen (accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Appearance) allows you to control a number of visual aspects of the MIDAS interface, including visual "Themes" and Date / Time settings:

Default Language

The "Default Language" option sets the initial display language for MIDAS. If the "Show Language Selector on login page" option is also selected, users will be allowed to change their display language whenever they log in, otherwise the default language will be used throughout.

Default View

The "Default View" option sets which "group" of venues (venue group) will be displayed initially to users upon login. Where a given user does not have access to this venue group, the first group they do have access to will be initially displayed instead.

Theme Settings

Default Theme

Specifies the visual Theme MIDAS should use by default.

Allow Users to select theme at login

This option will present all MIDAS users a drop-down list of installed themes on the Login page, allowing them to select a different visual theme for their session. Please note, that this setting has no affect if only one theme is installed.

Your Logo

You may co-brand your MIDAS system to include your organization's logo throughout the software. This logo may then also be included in various editable templates (email, print, invoice, etc) through the inclusion of the %LOGO% variable.
Click the "Select File..." button to select a .png image from your computer to upload and install as your logo.

Date / Time Settings

This section controls how dates and times are displayed in MIDAS:

Date Format

Controls the order in which dates are displayed, i.e. day before month, month before day, 2 or 4 digit years, etc.

Date Separator

Allows changing of the single character used to separate the day, month, and year segments of dates.

Time Format

Switches between a 24-hour or 12-hour clock, with the two "12h Format" boxes providing control over "AM" and "PM" symbols under a 12 hour clock.

Time Separator

Allows changing of the single character used to separate hours and minutes.
If the "Show Date Before Time" option is selected, then where both date and time information are displayed together, the information will be displayed with the date first, followed by the time. If unselected, times will be shown before dates.

Date / Time Separator

Allows control over the visual "link" between dates and times. For example, a value of " @ ", would display dates & times in a similar manner as follows: 17/08/2007 @ 14:06.

Time / Time Separator

Allows control over the visual "link" between two times. For example, a value of " - ", would display a time range in a similar manner as follows: 14:00 - 15:00.

Default Interval

Rather than displaying every single minute (0-60) in time drop-downs when adding or modifying a booking, this setting allows you to "round" minutes to, for example, the nearest 5 minute interval, if you don't need to book to the minute.

Week starts on a

Sets which day of the week MIDAS should consider as being the first day of the week.


Nearly 300 predefined time zones are available in a drop-down list, allowing you to specify the timezone in which your MIDAS should run. The "Custom" option at the bottom of the drop-down list allows defining your own custom timezone.

For more information on defining a custom timezone, please see this article

Booking Grid Settings

This section controls the appearance of bookings in the booking grid:

Show on Blocks

Specify up to two booking fields (or three if the Venue Height setting (see below) is at least 40) to show on blocks within the booking grid. You can choose to show just the field's value or its name and its value on booking blocks.

Show on Tooltips

Specify up to two booking fields to show when "hovering" over blocks within the booking grid. You can choose to show just the field's value or its name and its value on tooltips.

Venue Height

Specifies the height (in pixels) of each "row" in the booking grid. Increase this value to show bigger blocks in the grid.

Venue Width

Specifies the width (in pixels) of the first column in the booking grid. This column usually contains the venue name. Increase this value if you have long venue names that don't fully fit into the first column.

Number of days to show by default

The booking grid can display 1 day - 8 weeks' worth of bookings on a single screen. Use this setting to control how many days are shown by default (up to 14).

Background data refresh

When viewing the booking grid, MIDAS can silently perform regular background checks on the bookings currently shown on your screen and update your display accordingly if any have changed since your display was first generated. Lower values will perform these checks more often, but will increase the number of requests sent to and data received from your server. In most cases, it should not be necessary to change this setting.

Show on Month Cells

Specify a default booking field to show on dates within the monthly overview.

Users can choose what's shown on month cells

If selected, allows users to select any booking field to view on the monthly overview. If not selected, all users will only see the monthly overview using the above "Show on Month Cells" setting.
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