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  10. Is it possible to display bookings on signage screens around our venue?

Recent Sales Articles

  1. What are the Server Requirements for running a Self-Hosted MIDAS system?
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Popular Support Articles

  1. How to enable, disable, or clear your browser's "Web Storage" cache
  2. How to install & configure MySQL on a Windows server
  3. Does a Support Subscription support older/legacy versions of MIDAS?
  4. How to enable your browser's "Do Not Track" setting
  5. How to install & configure Apache on a Windows server
  6. Emails fail with "SPF fail - not authorized" or "DMARC Evaluation" errors
  7. Configuring your server to handle SVG images
  8. How to clear your web browser's "cache"/Temporary Internet Files
  9. Why does outgoing email fail with a "504 Gateway Timeout" error?
  10. How to configure your server to run Scheduled Tasks

Recent Support Articles

  1. Can I import data from other applications into MIDAS?
  2. Who is my organization's Primary Contact for MIDAS?
  3. Why do emails fail with "Mail sent by user nobody being discarded due to sender restrictions in WHM→Tweak Settings"?
  4. Why am I prompted to open/save a file named "index.pl" after install, instead of being shown a login screen?
  5. What is "Maintenance Mode"?

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