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MIDAS Knowledgebase
Popular Support Articles
  1. How to enable, disable, or clear your browser's "Web Storage" cache
  2. How to install & configure Apache on a Windows server
  3. How to install & configure MySQL on a Windows server
  4. Emails fail with "SPF fail - not authorized" or "DMARC Evaluation" errors
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  6. Configuring your server to handle SVG images
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  9. How to install Perl modules
  10. How to configure your server to run Scheduled Tasks
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  3. Do you offer a FREE trial?
  4. Is there a limit to the number of bookings I can add to the system?
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Recent Support Articles
  1. How to customize the appearance of your MIDAS system
  2. How to install Perl modules
  3. Is there a help manual I can download and read offline?
  4. How to configure MIDAS to send email via Gmail's SMTP servers
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