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Adding Resources To Bookings

When adding/updating a booking, it's possible to assign "Resources" to each venue.

Resources can be added to a booking in the following way:

  • Either add a new booking, or modify an existing booking.
  • In the "Resources" section of booking details screen, select the venue to which you wish to assign resources, and click / tap the adjacent "Add Resources" button
  • A window will open showing a full list of existing resources, split across three (or more) categories, including; Equipment, Consumables, and Staffing.
  • Use the tabs above the common resources list to switch between these categories.
  • You can further filter the list of resources shown by typing into the "Search" field at the top of the window.
  • To add resources, simply enter a desired quantity for each resource you wish to assign.
  • Once you have added a quantity of each resource you require, click / tap the "OK" button to close the resource selector and return to the booking form, with your desired resources listed.
  • If the booking includes more than one venue, repeat this process to assign resources to the other venues as necessary.

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