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Cloning Invoices

The "Clone Invoice" feature of MIDAS is a quick and convenient way to copy the contents of an existing invoice across to a new invoice.

This can be extremely useful especially if you regularly manually create similar invoices.

To "clone" an invoice (copy the contents of an existing invoice across to a new invoice):

  • Select the icon in the main toolbar.
  • On the invoicing screen, use the "Jump to Invoice" function to locate a specific invoice, or use the "Show Invoices" drop-down to filter invoices held in MIDAS and locate your invoice from the results.
  • Click / tap the invoice's corresponding icon.
  • After being prompted for confirmation, the contents of the current invoice will be copied across to a new invoice.

The newly cloned invoice will have a different invoice number, no invoice date assigned (allowing you to freely modify its contents), and no amount paid against it.

Info: "Cloned" invoices do not maintain links with any bookings which may have appeared on the original invoice
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