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I am highly impressed with the speed and quality of your customer support - brilliant! And I am happy to be quoted on that!
- Brian Scott, Ilkley, UK
I take my hat off to you for your response and the turnaround to my queries ... We love MIDAS :) ... If you have any customers asking for reference sites, I would be more than happy to be of service.
- Kevin Riley, Witham, UK
We like the visual representation of room availability. Everyone is happy with it. It is easy for people to schedule their meetings based around room availability. Excellent customer support. Suggestions for improved or additional features often get incorporated. Tech support questions answered very quickly
- Donna Becker, Vancouver, Canada
I have looked at a variety of other software and MIDAS is the most comprehensive for what we are looking to use it for!
- Ty Taylor, Pennsylvania, US
My clients are happy to work with MIDAS. One of the remarks I got was that it was so easy to work with. It sure made not only my clients life easier, it also made my life easier!
- BWFM van der Biezen, Netherlands
We have recently purchased MIDAS ... and so far have found it to be the closest thing to what we need for our industry. The ease of use and flexibility are wonderful and there are a host of useful options!
- Paul Penketh, Western Australia, Australia
We are subscribers to MIDAS and think it is, without a doubt, the very best room booking system available anywhere! You provide the very best, most flexible, most useful facilities management tool on the market today. You have made our work immeasurably easier!
- Andy Spears, Toronto, Ontario
Our old Access database system was horrible! MIDAS is so much better and offers us ease of use and online access - I Wouldn't want to do my job without it!
- Greg Otero, California, US
Thank you MIDAS team for your product and support over the year. You are our No. 1 recommendation to all our fellow village halls!
- David Throup, Marlborough, UK
Congratulations on a good piece of software!
- David Roper, London, UK
Thank you for an intuitive room booking system - I have worked with many that don't quite 'cut the mustard' for whatever company I am involved in at the time, and MIDAS goes a long way towards completely fulfilling our requirements. Thank you!
- Janice Smith, Solihull, UK
When I emailed at 1:00am Pacific time in the United States on a Friday night, I didn't expect to get an answer until Monday. Thank you so much for the fast response [just 17 minutes] to our issue!
- Colin Kuskie, Wisconsin, US
Our operations staff are giving excellent feedback about the software after about 4 months of use. If anyone asks me about room booking software I will certainly be recommending it!
- James Parker, Hertfordshire, UK
I love the MIDAS system and have no regrets about choosing it eight years back. It gets better all the time! Thank you for your never-ending help!
- Alison Faulkner, Solihull, UK
We purchased the MIDAS system last year and it has been working great! We are very happy with it!
- Jackson Gilman-Forlini, Baltimore, US
We are a fairly new user of MIDAS and really like it so far - very user-friendly!
- Peter Gray, Adelaide, Australia
We're using MIDAS for a recording/editing facility - it's adapting itself very well, and going down a treat!
- Michael Dowling, Dublin, Ireland
We wanted an onsite system that we could control and MIDAS is helping us improve communications and room reservations between departments
- Chris Sherman, Ohio, US
You guys are the greatest! I just love how responsive MIDAS support is!
- Vera Miles, Maryland, US
An impressive and intuitive piece of software, well done!
- Shakir Whayeb, Birmingham, UK
My users, who have just started training, think MIDAS is wonderful ... so well-designed and so easy to use!
- Henry Law, Altrincham, UK
On Monday this week, we have finally gone live with MIDAS! ... All [90+] users were immediately comfortable with the new system, and are seeing the benefit of having requesting and visibility of room bookings in one integrated system - The biggest positive I have thus far is that I have received no calls asking me how to use the system!
- Robert Salter, Cambridge, UK
We were very impressed with what your software has to offer!
- Martha Bryant, Louisiana, US
You folks have been fantastic at helping us with requests and I'd be happy to encourage anyone to use MIDAS!
- David Dwyer, California, US
Before MIDAS we were using a shared Excel sheet but we wanted to save time, reduce error rates and make the most of our rooms to maximize our revenues. MIDAS has been great and has been a huge time saver!
- Michael Goldman, Massachusetts, US
So far I love this program, it's way better than YArooms that we tried last year!
- Travis Miller, Alaska, US
We have been using MIDAS for about 7 years and find it to be an excellent system to manage room bookings and have recommended it to many!
- Jenny Davis, Victoria, Australia
You get a lot for not much money out of you guys - Keep up the good work!
- Regaf Miramichi, Canada
I have been looking for room scheduling software we can install on our IIS server to manage our meeting rooms and equipment. I keep coming back to your product again and again! There is other software out there but nothing seems as nice or easy to use as what you offer! I particularly like the simple, easy to navigate Booking Request Form!
- Greg Ricker, Ohio, US
I am loving your product very much! At lunch today I was telling my colleagues how pleased I am with you and the fantastic customer service!
- Shelly Fickau, Maryland, US
MIDAS was much easier to use and configure than I expected and it's a very comprehensive piece of software, definitely the most robust solution out there in comparison to the others I tested!
- Neil Moore, Barry, UK
MIDAS has been greatly accepted by all users and has made room scheduling much easier and efficient! We chose it because of its ease of use and ability to identify conflicts immediately. Previously we were using Outlook which was not working for us in terms of user rights and identifying conflicts
- Vincent DePrimo, New York, US
MIDAS is being enthusiastically adopted by the different elements of our building ... All departments of our team seem happy with it and are continuing to find elements which make their own functions work better ... I introduced MIDAS to my caterers today and they love it!
- Martin Preece, Birmingham, UK
Your service and support is excellent!
- Linda Sattler, California, US
I have been working on MIDAS for a few days now and think its great and is going to be just what we wanted!
- Joy Pollard, Bristol, UK
I would like to commend you on the tech support that you provide. I am always impressed at the speed and efficiency you are able to provide. You have a fantastic product and superior service!
- Terri Lyons, Ontario, Canada
I love your product and will recommend it to anyone who has a similar need! Service and support has been top-notch!
- Butch Thompson, Georgia, US
The support has been great! It is fast and helpful. It is also good to see new features being released regularly. All in all, a great experience!
- Ken Irwin, Ohio, US
The MIDAS application is just SO MUCH easier to navigate, and so much more intuitive [than Meeting Room Manager by NetSimplicity]. I spent nearly all day Saturday playing with their product and I was very frustrated by the end of the day - and I could reach no one in service. You on the other hand have been wonderful! I almost didn't contact you because you are located in the UK and of course my immediate thought was - support issues. After dealing with the other 2 products [Meeting Room Manager and ScheduleVIEW], and comparing price, I thought I would give you a shot, one of the best decisions I have ever made!
- Jeannie Turicik, Wisconsin, US
I love this program! I've been searching for months for an appropriate one for my work. This is the best I've seen!! I adore it!!
- Tara-Lee MacNiven, Vancouver, Canada
MIDAS is making it easier for teachers to book meeting rooms and is better for our letting side of the business as it sends out emails when we book their club in. It is so easy and straight forward to use!
- Sara Rice, Peterborough, UK
This software is amazing , well done! your [tutorial] videos!
- Darren Taylor, London, UK
We absolutely love MIDAS! Your program is the best that I have seen. I have not come across any other company that provides the kind of personal service that you provide. Couldn't ask for more!!! 10/10
- David Medland, Wellington, New Zealand
I am certain that with MIDAS and the support you guys give (which incidentally is what swayed the sale) our little charity is going to go from strength to strength! The whole package is working beautifully for us and the more we are using this the better it gets! ... I can't tell you how happy we are! ... The whole thing has reduced my workload enormously ... The best thing I have ever done is buy MIDAS, the support is second to none!
- Ellen Wiggins, Reading, UK
MIDAS a multi-faceted app that has everything a venue booking business would need to streamline the whole operation. The desk diary and filing cabinet can finally be dispensed with!
I have been looking for something very cool and your product is the best out there!
- Ken Proper, Arizona, US
Finding MIDAS good to use! ... I am very pleased to talk to other Churches about how we find the system
- Maggie Thompson, Stockport, UK
It is close to 9 months since we implemented MIDAS ... Our experience with MIDAS and your online prompt support has been very good!
- PVD Ravi Kiran, India
I just realized ... I never told you how much MIDAS has improved our way of scheduling. It's great and I love it!
- Carol McCain, California, US
I can't believe how fast and efficient your tech support is and has been in the past - Less than 20 minutes to resolve an issue! I wish I could get that kind of support from the paid service we use for our in house IT problems - Amazing service very well done!. We have never looked back since first using MIDAS
- Paul Penketh, Western Australia, Australia
Thanks for this product! It really does meet the needs we have for managing Church resources!
- Mark Jones, California, US
VERY impressive! - MIDAS has managed to simplify what would have been a very difficult spreadsheet task
- Peter Topping, Manchester, UK
You give the best customer support! And this is an amazingly easy, user-friendly, robust software package. We are very excited to have found it!
- Sarah Newman, Virginia, US
We are a Canadian based company and have used MIDAS for the past 6 years. MIDAS has by far THE MOST EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE! MIDAS is user friendly, price is a lot cheaper compared to other companies out there, uses self learning videos and demonstrations, and has a knowledge base for referencing when issues arise as well. MIDAS is constantly updating and making the software better. I would definitely recommend MIDAS to anyone looking for a room booking scheduler system.
- Debbie Clarke, Ontario, Canada

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