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MIDAS Documentation v4.27

Setting Reminders

MIDAS allows you to set yourself reminders about forthcoming bookings, or anything else you wish to be reminded about!

Until they expire, your reminders can be viewed via the icon in the main toolbar, and you may optionally set these to be displayed automatically when you log in.

Setting yourself a reminder of a booking

Navigate to the date of the booking you wish to set yourself a reminder for, and click/tap its booking block. In the pop-up menu, select the icon.

Sending booking reminders to your external calendar (Outlook, Lightning, etc)

If your mail client has an associated calendar application (such as Microsoft's Outlook, or Lighting (for Thunderbird)), selecting the "Send Booking Reminders as Calendar events to my email" option at the bottom of the 'My Messages' screen will cause MIDAS to generate and email you a calendar event for any booking you set a reminder for. Depending upon your mail client, these "events" can usually be added to your external calendar with a single click of an "Accept" button.

Some email clients may also offer you "Decline" and/or "Tentative" options when you receive these automated calendar event emails. It's important to note that these options specifically relate to the adding of the event to your external calendar application only. "Declining" an automated event email will not cancel or remove the booking from MIDAS itself, it simply won't be added to your external calendar

Setting yourself a reminder for something else

  • Select the icon in the main toolbar
  • Click/tap the left side of "My Reminders" header to display a box into which you can enter your own custom reminder and set an expiry date for it.
  • Select "Add Reminder" to save your reminder. You will be shown your reminders whenever you log in/check your messages up until this expiry date/time, after which the alert will automatically expire.

Removing a reminder

Reminders are automatically removed after their expiry dates, however, you can manually remove a reminder at any time by clicking/tapping the small icon next to the reminder you wish to remove

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