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  1. What payment methods are available to purchase MIDAS?
  2. What are the Server Requirements for running a Self-Hosted MIDAS system?
  3. How much does the software cost?
  4. MIDAS Addon: Web Calendars
  5. Which web browsers does MIDAS support?
  6. What is your return/refund policy?
  7. MIDAS Addon: API Access
  8. What's included in an "Annual Support Subscription"?
  9. Terms & Conditions: Affiliate Program
  10. Can I use an alternative database platform instead of MySQL?
  11. MIDAS Addon: RSS Feeds
  12. What Addons are available for MIDAS?
  13. How much will it cost to upgrade my license at a later stage?
  14. MIDAS Addon: Custom Links
  15. What's the difference between "self hosted" and "cloud hosted" editions of MIDAS?
  16. MIDAS Addon: Emergency Access
  17. Do you have any promotional material I can use? I'm sold! ...but I need to convince my boss!
  18. How many "venues" and "users" do I need?
  19. Will my Annual Support Subscription renewal costs be the same every year?
  20. Does MIDAS support LDAP (Active Directory) Integration?
  21. What's the difference between MIDAS and MIDAS Lite?
  22. Can I upgrade to more users/venues/databases?
  23. Do you offer a FREE trial?
  24. Terms & Conditions: Free MIDAS Trial
  25. Installing on your own server - License Agreement
  26. Is support available out of hours?
  27. Which web browsers are supported on my iPad device?
  28. Can I switch to a "self hosted" edition at a later date if I purchased a "cloud hosted" version (or vice versa)?
  29. MIDAS Addon: Slack Integration
  30. MIDAS Addon: PRTG Sensors
  31. How long has MIDAS been in development?
  32. Is there a smartphone app available for MIDAS?
  33. MIDAS Addon: High Grade 256-bit encrypted SSL access
  34. How frequently are updates for MIDAS released?
  35. Can multiple people share the same user account?
  36. How reliable is the "cloud hosted" edition?
  37. Do you offer telephone support?
  38. Can I embed a calendar of bookings into my own website?
  39. Can I install a self-hosted MIDAS system in both my production and test environments?
  40. Terms & Conditions: "Cloud Hosted" MIDAS
  41. Will MIDAS permit double-booking?
  42. Terms & Conditions: Priority Support
  43. Is it possible to display bookings on signage screens around our venue?
  44. Is MIDAS available for my iPad?
  45. If I upgrade my license with additional databases, will I also need additional users/venues?
  46. Is MIDAS HIPAA compliant?
  47. Is MIDAS PCI compliant?
  48. How much do the optional addons cost?
  49. Can I install MIDAS on a shared web hosting package with my current provider?
  50. Is this software only suitable for scheduling rooms, or can it be used to schedule other things?
  51. Do you do bespoke customizations for MIDAS?
  52. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) statement
  53. How long will it take to process my order after making payment?
  54. Can I place a link back to MIDAS from my own website?
  55. Do you accept Purchase Orders?
  56. Can I log into my work's MIDAS system from home?
  57. What hardware do cloud-hosted MIDAS systems run on?
  58. Can I modify the program code to suite my particular needs?
  59. 3 ways to setup MIDAS for your multi-site/multi-location business
  60. Where will my data be stored if I choose a "cloud hosted" edition of MIDAS?
  61. Will I still receive software updates without an Annual Support Subscription?
  62. Terms & Conditions: Promotions and Offers
  63. If I purchase a self-hosted (on-premises) edition, will you install/troubleshoot it for me?
  64. Where is MIDAS based?
  65. Why is my card declined whilst trying to purchase/renew/upgrade MIDAS?
  66. Do you have a local sales representative/partner in my country?
  67. Why are prices shown on your website different from when I last visited?
  68. Is MIDAS developed "in-house" or is it outsourced?
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