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Is MIDAS software development outsourced?

Our web based room booking and resource scheduling software is developed entirely "in house" here within the United Kingdom by our own team.

This means that we never "outsource" areas of development - or indeed support - to third parties either here in the UK or in other countries.

We believe retaining full control over every step of the development process is critical to the continued high quality and robustness of our product and service.

There are many advantages to in-house development, including:

  • Greater control over the development process
    We have complete control over the entire development process, from the initial concept to the final deployment. This allows us to ensure that the software is developed in accordance with our high standards and requirements.
  • Better communication between us and our customers
    Since we develop MIDAS ourselves, we have a better understanding of our customer's business needs and requirements. This ultimately leads to a better final product.
  • Increased security
    Since the software is developed in-house, we have more control over the security of the software. This also means that we can readily and promptly fix any software bugs that may arise from time to time, without being reliant on others.

In-house developed software helps us ensure that the product and service we offer to our customers is first rate, as our sales and support staff we know our software inside out!

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