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How much does the software cost?

The price of our web based room booking and resource scheduling software is based in part upon the number of "venues" (rooms/bookable spaces) you wish to manage, and the number of individual user accounts requiring access to your room booking system.

This price is also determined by whether you wish to download MIDAS (for installation and use on your own web server) - known as our "self hosted" edition, or whether you'd like your MIDAS system to be hosted by us instead - known as our "cloud-hosted" edition.

The cost of a self hosted MIDAS room booking system is a one-time (non recurring) cost. An optional Support Subscription is also available, which if taken would incur a small additional annual fee.

The cost of a cloud hosted MIDAS room booking system is either a monthly or an annual subscription fee.

The current pricing for both editions and all associated options can always be found here.

Unlike some of our competitors, we're totally upfront about our prices and always clearly display them on our website!

Please note that as we accept payments in a range of currencies, our prices are regularly automatically adjusted to account for fluctuations in global exchange rates. The date and time that exchanges rates (and therefore our prices) were last updated is indicated on the bottom of any page on our site containing pricing. This may mean that if you view our prices on a given day, and then return at a later date the prices may be slightly higher/lower than when you previously checked.

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