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"Cloud Hosted" vs "Self Hosted" MIDAS booking system comparison

We offer two editions of our MIDAS web based room booking and resource scheduling software; a "self hosted" system and a "cloud hosted" system.

Our "self hosted" (on premise) edition allows you to download, install, and run MIDAS locally from your own network/server. Be sure to check out the Server requirements for this edition of our booking system.

If you do not wish to download, install, and run MIDAS on your own infrastructure, or do not have the necessary infrastructure/knowledge to facilitate this, we offer a "cloud hosted" edition. A "cloud hosted" MIDAS system runs on our infrastructure, ready for you to use "out of the box" and is accessible though you own dedicated MIDAS subdomain, i.e. https://your_organization.mid.as

Both our "self hosted" and "cloud hosted" editions essentially offer the same functionality, with the following minor exceptions:

  • The adding of custom file attachment fields is not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions. [Why?]
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Active Directory support is not available to "Cloud Hosted" editions.
  • The option for database backups to be stored on the server "Forever" is not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions. (Maximum retention is 30 days)
  • Whilst a number of pre-built themes are available, it is not possible to customize these/create your own themes for "Cloud Hosted" editions.
  • Language Packs cannot be modified in "Cloud Hosted" editions. (You can still modify a range of templates though)
  • The ability to "Check for Updates" is not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions. (as updates are automatically applied for you!)
  • The "Optimize Database" tool is not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions.
  • Logging of API calls via our optional API addon is not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions.
  • In order to ensure service quality for all cloud hosted customers, we rate-limit API connections to our servers.
  • Server Information statistics are not available in "Cloud Hosted" editions.
  • The number of email addresses that can be associated with each individual client is limited in "Cloud Hosted" editions. [Read More]

View complete pricing information for both editions of MIDAS.

If you're not sure which edition is right for you, why not talk to us - we'll be happy to advise further!

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