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Can I download a trial version of MIDAS to run on my server?

We offer two editions of MIDAS - a cloud-hosted edition, and a self-hosted edition (where you download, install, and run MIDAS from your own server). The differences between these two editions may be viewed here.

In addition to our functional online public demo, we're also able to offer no-risk, private, 30-day trials of MIDAS.

These FREE trials are hosted on our servers, and may be activated via

Unfortunately, we're only able to offer free trials of our software which are hosted on our servers. However, a cloud-hosted trial system should provide all the insight you'll need to be able to determine whether the functionality of MIDAS is suitable for your particular scheduling needs, regardless of whether you're ultimately considering purchasing either a cloud-hosted or a self-hosted edition.

The reason we're unable to offer a "downloadable" trial version of our room booking system is that due to the nature of our software, it is difficult for us to revoke/disable/expire our software once it's been installed on a 3rd party server.

If you're considering a self-hosted MIDAS system but are concerned whether it'll run on your server, server requirements may be found here, where you'll also find a handy Server Readiness Tool, which may be freely downloaded and run on your server to check that it's capable of running MIDAS.

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