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What are the Server Requirements for running a Self-Hosted MIDAS system?

If you choose to download our room and resource scheduling software for installation and use on your own web server (known as our "self-hosted" edition), the following system requirements must first be met:

A Web Server 2

Such as Apache or IIS - Please ensure that you are running the latest version of your web server software 1

Perl 5 (5.10 or later) 3
Most Unix/Linux platforms and Macs have Perl already installed, however if you run a Windows server, you may need to install Perl. We recommend ActivePerl, which may be freely obtained from Activestate.com 1

MySQL 5.5.3 (or higher) 1
MIDAS uses a MySQL database, and therefore requires MySQL to be available
MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, and may be freely obtained via mysql.com 1

10MB Free Disk Space
Initially the physical files that make up MIDAS take up less than 3MB, but we suggest a minimum of 10MB free disk space to accommodate a typical size of database.

A connection to the Internet from your server
To authorize your installation and to check for future software updates

A modern web browser
See Which browsers are supported?

Cloud Based Room Booking and Resource Scheduling Can't meet these requirements? Don't worry!
- We can remotely host your MIDAS system for you in the "cloud" at https://your-company.mid.as - Read More...

1 We are unable to provide installation support for 3rd party software - please refer to the vendor's own documentation if you require assistance installing or configuring their product(s)
2 Recent builds of the XAMPP server are known to cause problems. XAMPP is NOT a stable/production level web server and should not be used for MIDAS. Please see this article for further details and alternatives
3 The optional extension "mod_perl" present on some Apache servers is known to cause issues and should be disabled in order to install & run MIDAS. If in doubt please check with your server/hosting provider first.
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