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What payment methods are available to purchase MIDAS?

So you're ready to purchase a MIDAS scheduling system for your business or organization? We offer a range of payment methods, including:

Payment by Credit/Debit Card

We accept payment via most major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. Card payments are securely processed by Stripe.

Payment by PayPal

Choose this option to pay with a PayPal account or a major credit/debit card. In most instances, PayPal allows you to make a credit/debit card payment without having to sign up for a PayPal account.

Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

We welcome payment by Electronic Bank/Wire Transfer. Simply select the "Electronic Funds (Bank/Wire) Transfer" option when purchasing through our site, and you'll be presented with full account details and instructions for completing your electronic payment.

Payment by Cheque (British Pound Sterling Only)

We can accept payment by Cheque in British Pound Sterling. To pay by cheque, please go to https://mid.as/purchase, select "GBP" as the currency, and once you've selected your product options, choose "Cheque" as your Payment Method. You will then be able to download/print a postal order form to complete and send to us along with your payment.
Please Note: Due to recent increases in administrative costs and charges levied by our bank for processing cheques, there is now an additional surcharge for payment by this method. To avoid this, please consider one of the alternative payment methods available.
In some instances, we may be able to accept payment by cheque/check in currencies other than British Pound Sterling by prior arrangement only. Please contact us to discuss first if you wish to make a payment by cheque/check in another currency. Please also note that payment by cheque/check in a foreign currency would be subject to additional fees, and the processing of your order may be significantly delayed due to the time it can take for a foreign mailed cheque/check to physically reach us, plus the time it can then take for a foreign cheque/check to clear through the British banking system. For these reasons, payment by cheque/check in foreign currencies isn't offered to our international customers as standard.

Purchase Orders

Please see: Do you accept Purchase Orders?

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