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Can multiple people share the same user account?

When considering how many individual users you'll need to license your MIDAS system for we're often asked if several users can all "share" a single user account.

Whilst there is nothing that inherently prohibits this, there are a few things to bear in mind if you're considering this route:

  1. If your MIDAS system is licensed for a single user account only, this account may only be logged into from one browser / device at any given time. Logging into the sole user account from a second browser or device will automatically log out the first session. This therefore makes it fairly impractical to allow multiple people to "share" the single user account, as only one person would be able to be logged in at any one time.
  2. If your MIDAS system is licensed for more than one user account, then the software can be configured to allow multiple simultaneous logins to each user account. Whilst this is primarily intended to allow a user to be logged into MIDAS from say their laptop, tablet, and phone all at the same time, it could also be used to allow multiple people to login to the same user account simultaneously. That said, please note the following:
    1. We would not recommend this unless the user account in question is a "read only" account. Allowing multiple individuals to login to the same account with permission to add, modify, delete, or approve bookings would make it near impossible to maintain an accurate audit trail. You would not be able to distinguish which person made changes if multiple people are all using the same user account.
    2. As each user account is associated with a single email address, if multiple users share the same account, email notifications will still only go to the sole email address associated with that user account.

In summary, we would strongly recommend a policy of "one user account per person" for every individual who requires access to your room booking system to make changes (i.e. add, modify, or delete bookings, etc). This will help avoid confusion by maintaining an accurate audit log of each user's activity within the booking system.

The use of a "shared" user account (where multiple individuals all login to a single user account) is only recommended if the account in question is limited to "view only" permissions, to allow multiple people "read only" view access without the need to create a dedicated user account for each individual viewer.

If many people need simple "view only" access to be able to view upcoming bookings, you may like to instead consider one of the following as an alternative to dedicated user accounts for each individual:

  • The Public Booking request features of MIDAS. These allow non-users to see availability of your venues and make booking "requests".
  • Our optional "Web Calendars" addon. This allows you to embed a monthly calendar of bookings into your own public website.

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