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Where is my data be stored if I choose a "cloud hosted" edition of MIDAS?

The servers where our "cloud hosted" customer's MIDAS live databases reside are geographically located in Data Centers within the United States of America.

For our primary client servers, we utilize one of the largest central co-location facilities in Dallas, Texas, and also one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers on the East Coast, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our backup client servers reside in a separate East Coast data center located in Washington DC.

In addition to the server space we rent in these US Data Centers, we also automatically back up data from our primary US servers to backup servers located in the UK.

If you are concerned that your data would be stored in this way in either of these countries, or if it is against the law in your country for your data to be stored in the US/UK, you should choose a "self hosted" edition of MIDAS instead, as this would allow you to install & run MIDAS on your own network infrastructure within your own country/organization, for example, on a web server residing inside your organization's own local Intranet.

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