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Will I still receive software updates without a subscription?

Please Note: This article does not apply if we cloud host your MIDAS system. Cloud hosted systems have software updates automatically applied, so you'll always be running the most up-to-date version of our MIDAS software

Broadly speaking, we release two types of software updates to MIDAS - significant "feature rich" releases, and interim bug-fix updates between major releases (For the purposes of clarity, incremental version numbers, such as v4.20, v4.21, v4.22, etc are all considered "significant" releases)

An active Support Subscription provides access to customers running self-hosted MIDAS systems to both types of updates for the duration of their active subscription.

If you purchase a self-hosted edition of MIDAS without the optional Support Subscription, you will only be entitled to receive interim bug-fix updates for the version of MIDAS which is current at time of purchase. Once the next "feature rich" update to MIDAS is released, you will then no longer receive interim updates to your MIDAS and will not be able to update to the new significant release.

For example, if when you purchase MIDAS without an optional Support Subscription, the latest version is v4.23, you will only be entitled to receive interim bug-fix updates for v4.23. Once v4.24 is released, updates to v4.23 will cease.

In the case of having a previous active Support Subscription which has since expired and not been subsequently renewed, you will only continue to receive interim bug-fix updates for the latest version of MIDAS available on the date your subscription expired, and these updates will cease once a newer "significant" version is released.

For example, if when you purchased a self-hosted MIDAS system and optional Support Subscription, the latest version was v4.10; and within the following 12 month period your subscription was active for, v4.11, v4.12, v4.13, and v4.14 are also released - you will be able to update to all of them. If then on the day after your original Support Subscription expires v4.15 is released, you will not be able to update to this release, and will only be able to update as far as v4.14 which itself will then no longer be receiving updates.

All the above principles also apply to any optional addons you may have purchased for your MIDAS system. If you do not have an active Support Subscription, you will not receive further updates to addons once a newer "significant" version of MIDAS is released.

For these reasons, we strongly advise that you consider taking out and maintaining an Active Support Subscription for your MIDAS room booking system. Not only will this ensure that you're always able to run the very latest version of the software available, with new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes and security patches, but you'll also have access to our Priority Support service too!

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