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  1. How to install & configure MySQL on a Windows server
  2. How to enable, disable, or clear your browser's "Web Storage" cache
  3. How to install & configure Apache on a Windows server
  4. Emails fail with "SPF fail - not authorized" or "DMARC Evaluation" errors
  5. Configuring your server to handle SVG images
  6. How to clear your web browser's "cache"/Temporary Internet Files
  7. How to install & configure ActivePerl on a Windows server
  8. Why do I see a "405.0 Method Not Allowed" error when trying to install MIDAS?
  9. How to install Perl modules
  10. How to configure your server to run Scheduled Tasks
  11. How to install & configure Strawberry Perl on a Windows server
  12. Why does outgoing email fail with "Mail sent by user nobody being discarded due to sender restrictions in WHM→Tweak Settings"?
  13. How to configure MIDAS to send email via Gmail's SMTP servers
  14. How to import a MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) Calendar into MIDAS
  15. Why does outgoing email fail with a "504 Gateway Timeout" error?
  16. Can I import data from other applications into MIDAS?
  17. How to install MIDAS on your server
  18. What is HTML and how do I use it within my MIDAS templates?
  19. Why does MIDAS encounter an unexpected error and tell me that my IP address is blocked, immediately after install?
  20. How to add MIDAS to your iOS Home Screen
  21. How to translate MIDAS into another language or improve upon an existing translation
  22. How to resolve "The current database may not be compatible with this version of MIDAS" warning
  23. Why am I not receiving email from my MIDAS system?
  24. How to import a Google Calendar into MIDAS
  25. Why does outgoing email fail with "No SASL mechanism found"?
  26. How to install prerequisites needed for running a self-hosted edition of MIDAS on a Windows server
  27. Why do I see a "500 Internal Server Error" or a "Script failed to send data" message when trying to login after installation?
  28. How to import a Yahoo Calendar into MIDAS
  29. Why am I informed that cookies are disabled when I try and login, when cookies ARE enabled?
  30. How to use our "self service" maintenance/recovery tool
  31. How to configure PayPal integration with MIDAS
  32. What does a "POSIX::tzset not implemented on this architecture" error mean?
  33. How to configure MIDAS to send email via Outlook's SMTP servers
  34. How to customize the appearance of your MIDAS system
  35. How to fix a "There was a problem connecting to the specified SMTP server" error
  36. How to configure Stripe Integration with MIDAS
  37. How to add your company/corporate logo
  38. Why do I see a "500 Internal Server Error" after clicking "Authenticate & Install MIDAS"?
  39. Website Privacy Policy
  40. Help! I've forgotten my login details
  41. Our Data Retention Policy
  42. Two-Factor Authentication in MIDAS
  43. How do I import client data from another application into MIDAS?
  44. Tips for keeping your MIDAS system secure
  45. Can I bulk import users into MIDAS?
  46. MIDAS Privacy Policy
  47. Why did I receive an email that there are pending booking requests that require my approval, but when I login there are none?
  48. How to enable your browser's "Do Not Track" setting
  49. Why do I see a "404 Not Found" message when accessing the MIDAS installer in my browser?
  50. Why do I see a 404.17 or a 404.3 "Not Found" error when trying to access the installer via my browser?
  51. How to import Bookings from another application into MIDAS in .CSV format
  52. Why can't I modify/delete certain bookings?
  53. How to install MIDAS - Manually create a new MySQL Database
  54. How to import Bookings from another application into MIDAS
  55. When I try to install I see a "couldn't create child process" message
  56. Does MIDAS integrate with X?
  57. Why do booking blocks appear blank with no text in the booking grid?
  58. Why are Public Booking Requests shown as disabled when I go to make a request, when I have enabled them?
  59. Why am I informed during install that there are required modules missing?
  60. Why does the layout appears wrong, and some visual elements are missing/in the wrong place after updating the software?
  61. Why does the layout appears wrong, and some visual elements are missing/in the wrong place after installing the software?
  62. How do I deal with venues that can be booked as a whole or sub-divided and booked separately?
  63. Why does my server "time out" when processing a very large number of bookings?
  64. How to install MIDAS - Create a new MySQL Database via cPanel
  65. I've limited the IP addresses that can access MIDAS, and now I can't get in!
  66. Why is the pending booking requests screen empty, and I'm not receiving notifications of new requests?
  67. Why do I see an "Unable to connect to database: Too many connections" error?
  68. How do I insert a page break into my invoice template?
  69. Why do I see an "Unable to connect to database: Access Denied" error?
  70. Can I downgrade my MIDAS license?
  71. Why do outgoing emails contain a warning that they may be "spoofed"?
  72. Why does my newly added venue not appear in the booking grid?
  73. How to add MIDAS to your Android Home Screen
  74. How to install & configure MariaDB on a Windows server
  75. Why do I see a "500 Internal Server Error" when accessing the MIDAS installer in my browser?
  76. Why is the "Auto send user their login details" option disabled?
  77. After installation, why is the layout messed up and there are no images/colors on the login screen when I access from another computer?
  78. Installation Troubleshooting
  79. How to specify a custom timezone
  80. How to use our Server Readiness tool
  81. Will MIDAS still work on Windows XP after 8th April 2014?
  82. How to relocate MIDAS to a new server
  83. Why do I now have to login with my email address when I used to login with a username?
  84. What causes a "Can't locate midascommon.pm in @INC" error?
  85. Why can't I access the multi-day view feature?
  86. Does an Annual Support Subscription provide support for older/legacy versions of MIDAS?
  87. Why is my MIDAS ID blocked?
  88. I've forced MIDAS into SSL mode, and now I can't get in!
  89. How do I upgrade from MIDAS v3 to v4?
  90. Kaspersky blocks access to MIDAS
  91. Why aren't file upload fields available in "cloud hosted" MIDAS systems?
  92. Why do I see an "Unable to connect to database: Your password has expired" error?
  93. Why does the Server Readiness Tool tell me Perl modules are missing when I've already installed them?
  94. Can I revert my MIDAS system to an earlier version?
  95. How to save invoices as PDF files
  96. When attempting to upgrade to v4, I'm told there are duplicate entries whilst migrating users
  97. Why am I prompted to open/save a file named "index.pl" after install, rather than being transferred to the login screen?
  98. Where's the organization field gone in version 4?
  99. When will the new feature/improvement I've suggested be implemented?
  100. Why do I see a "500 select failed: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket" error when authenticating during install?
  101. Why are variables not being substituted in my templates?
  102. How to enable debug logging
  103. What happens if I fail to renew my MIDAS subscription?
  104. How can I renew my MIDAS subscription?
  105. Why can't a user limited to being able to modify/delete their "own bookings" only not do so?
  106. "mod_perl" is known to cause issues with MIDAS and should be disabled
  107. When I try to print I'm prompted to install additional software
  108. Why am I prompted to Open/Save a .pl file when accessing the MIDAS installer via my browser?
  109. Why can't I access/connect to my cloud hosted MIDAS!
  110. How to transfer a database from a "cloud" or "trial" edition of MIDAS to a "self-hosted" installation
  111. Why are users unable to login using Internet Explorer when MIDAS is installed on our local server?
  112. How to import Bookings from another application into MIDAS in iCal format
  113. Why does MIDAS "flicker" on my iPad?
  114. Why are some bookings missing from my generated invoices?
  115. Why can't I delete an invoice?
  116. How do I report a potential issue/bug in the software?
  117. What is "Maintenance Mode"?
  118. Who is my organization's Primary Contact for MIDAS?
  119. Why are users still able to book outside the operating hours I've set?
  120. Why am I immediately returned to the login screen with the message "Your Session Has Timed Out - Please login again" when trying to login?
  121. When updating MIDAS I get a "CGI Error: The application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of headers"
  122. Why am I being frequently logged out of my booking system?
  123. Do you offer on-site/in-person training?
  124. Update Troubleshooting
  125. Do you offer online training?
  126. The website indicates a newer version is available, but when I try and update the software no update is available?
  127. Why do I see a "'midasglobal' appears corrupt" error?
  128. Why does the "Modify Similar Bookings" search return fewer results than expected?
  129. Is there a help manual I can download and read offline?
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