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MIDAS reports a blocked IP address error immediately after install

Errors when running under XAMPP
Possible symptoms include:
  1. Your browser window shows no version number after the "v" in the MIDAS logo.
  2. Your browser window has a white background, with the message "MIDAS has encountered an unexpected error!" displayed near the top-left corner.
  3. In the center of your browser window is the MIDAS logo, below which is the text "ACCESS DENIED: Your IP address has been blocked from accessing MIDAS".
  4. The size of the "midasglobal.dat" file (if present) within your MIDAS installation only contains 25 lines of text, and is less than 1 KB in size.
If you've installed MIDAS on a recent build of the XAMPP server, this is the likely cause of these issues! (Older XAMPP builds do not cause this particular issue, but can cause other issues)

It's important to remember that XAMPP is intended for use as a development tool only. It is NOT a stable/production web server solution and should therefore not be used for MIDAS. The XAMPP package has a very limited set of Perl capabilities that are not suitable for running MIDAS.

Please uninstall XAMPP, and install a production level web server instead.

On Windows, we recommend installing the Apache Web Server, Strawberry Perl, and Maria DB.

Once you've installed, configured, and verified these components, please re-install MIDAS, and your installation should complete without issue!

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