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Why does MIDAS indicate cookies are disabled when cookies ARE enabled?

When you access your MIDAS room scheduling system, the software performs a check to make sure that it can successfully save and retrieve "cookies".

Cookies are used by MIDAS for storing a unique session ID once you log in, and also, optionally, for remembering your credentials or preferences like theme and language selection.

If you see a "You appear to have Cookies disabled. Please enable Cookies in your browser and try again" message when you access your MIDAS, there are a number of potential causes:

  1. Your browser settings are such that the storing of cookies is currently disabled. In which case, simply enabling cookies and refreshing your screen should resolve your issue.
  2. You have browser addons/extensions which are interfering with the normal operation of MIDAS. Disabling these extensions or adding your MIDAS URL to an "ignore list" in the addon/extension should resolve your issue.
  3. You have other software installed on your system/network that is overriding your browser cookie preferences, such as an Anti-Virus or Internet Security product. Checking your AV/Internet Security product's settings and/or adding your MIDAS URL as an exclusion in it, should allow your browser to then store cookies for MIDAS.

You can easily test whether cookies are currently enabled & accepted in your browser by visiting a cookie test site, like this one.

If you've verified that cookies are indeed enabled in your browser, yet you still see a "You appear to have Cookies disabled.." message on your MIDAS login screen, it's likely that you are accessing your MIDAS via an incorrect URL. Your MIDAS URL should not contain any "?", "=" or "#" characters - if it does, then you're not using the correct URL. Please speak to your organization's MIDAS administrator to obtain the correct URL for your MIDAS (in the case of our "hosted" customers, the correct URL for your MIDAS may be found in the "Welcome Email" you received shortly after you purchased our software)

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