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What is HTML and how to use it within MIDAS templates?

MIDAS contains a number of editable templates that may be customized in order to control the appearance and content of outgoing emails, printouts, invoices, and more to suite your particular organization.

Templates may be viewed and modified by a user with sufficient privileges via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Templates.

Here's a complete list of all customizable templates in MIDAS.

Templates are based on standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code - both of which form the basis for every web page on the internet - and additional special variables

For managing templates, we provide both a raw code editor and a WYSIWYG-style editor:

Customizing HTML templates within MIDAS

The "Template Code" area allows direct input of HTML and inline CSS code.
The "Template Preview" area renders a preview of the current Template Code, but this preview itself may also be modified directly by inserting/editing text or moving elements around, etc.

Given the popularity of HTML and CSS, there are a wealth of resources and tutorials available online should you wish to learn more about this simple mark-up language, but if you're brand new to HTML/CSS and find it a little daunting, we'll describe below some common HTML codes and inline styling which you'll find useful when it comes to customizing your templates within MIDAS.

DescriptionHTML/CSS CodeExample Result
Add a link (URL)<a href="https://mid.as">MIDAS Room Booking Software</a>MIDAS Room Booking Software
Make text boldHere's some <b>bold</b> textHere's some bold text
Make text underlinedHere's some <u>underlined</u> textHere's some underlined text
Make text italicHere's some <i>italic</i> textHere's some italic text
Make text bold and italicHere's some <b><i>bold and italic</i></b> textHere's some bold and italic text
Add an image<img src="https://url_to_your_image">Multi-Device Support
Start a new lineLine 1<br>Line 2Line 1
Line 2
Left-align content<div style="text-align:left">Text to the left</div>Text to the left
Center-align content<div style="text-align:center">Text in the center</div>Text in the center
Right-align content<div style="text-align:right">Text to the right</div>Text to the right
Change the color of textHere is some <span style="color:red">red text</span>Here is some red text
Change the size of textHere is some <span style="font-size:24px">bigger text</span>Here is some bigger text
Change the fontHere is some <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman'">Times New Roman text</span>Here is some Times New Roman text
Add a table

The above are examples of basic HTML code and inline styling which will help you get started with customizing the various templates available within MIDAS. To learn more about HTML and CSS, please search for "HTML tutorials" and "CSS tutorials" in your favorite internet search engine.

Please note that invalid code within your MIDAS templates may cause them to display incorrectly, or not at all. But don't worry, if you get into a mess you can reset individual templates to their system default at any time via the "Reset Template" drop-down above the template editor.

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