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Why can't I access the multi-day view feature?

The "multi-day" view is a feature of our scheduling software which displays a continuous view of bookings across a 1 day - 8 week period in the booking grid.

This feature is only available to users who are permitted to view entire days (midnight-midnight). If your account has been limited to only permit you to view and access a portion of each day - for example, 9am - 5pm, then the multi-day view selector will not be unavailable to you.

If you have sufficient admin privileges to "Manage Users & Permissions" you can change the hours you and other users are permitted to view/access. This is achieved through the "Day starts at X and runs for Y hours" user permission. Ensure X is set to "00:00" (midnight) and Y is set to "24" in order to be able to access the multi-day view feature in the booking grid.

If you do not have the necessary administrative privileges to modify user settings settings, please speak to your organization's MIDAS Administrator. Any admin user with sufficient privileges will be able to make this change to your user account.

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