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How to install MIDAS on your server

Before purchasing MIDAS for download and installation on your own sever (self-hosted), please ensure that your server meets the minimum System Requirements. We also provide a simple "Server Readiness Tool" to help determine and advise whether your infrastructure is ready for MIDAS.

Install MIDAS on Windows Installing on Windows and need help setting up a server, Perl and MySQL?
We've produced a handy "How to install pre-requisites needed for running a self-hosted edition of MIDAS from a Windows server" step-by-step guide

If you're unable to meet the requirements for running MIDAS on your own system, Did you know that we also offer a "cloud" edition of MIDAS as well? Compare editions...

After you purchase our room and resource scheduling software for download and use on your own web server, we'll send you a link to download our installer script, and a unique "Product Key".

Before you can use the installer, you must first setup a MySQL database for MIDAS to use. Once you've setup a blank MySQL database, our installer will have your scheduling system up and running on your infrastructure in no time...

Step 1: Upload the installer to your server

Step 2: Check Permissions & Location of Perl

Step 3: Run the Installer

Installation Troubleshooting

We've compiled a list of common issues encountered during install, together with resolutions, which you can find in our Installation Troubleshooting article.
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