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Why do I have to log in with an email address instead of a username?

If you've previously been using MIDAS prior to v4, in earlier versions you will have logged in to your scheduling system with a username/password combination. As part of our proactive approach to security, we made some improvements for MIDAS v4, resulting in the removal of the now obsolete "Username" entry.

To log in to v4, you will need to enter the email address associated with your user account (instead of entering your previous username). Your MIDAS password, however, remains unaffected.

Why the change?
In earlier versions of our software, it was possible to assign an email address to multiple user accounts. In MIDAS v4, however, if you forget your login credentials, MIDAS allows you to "reset" your password. In order to be able to do this, the system needs to send you an automated email containing a password reset link. Therefore, each user account within MIDAS v4 needs its own, unique, email address assigned to it, to allow you to reset the password on your own account. As a result, because in v4 each user account now has to have it's own unique email address associated with it, the need to also have a unique username has become redundant. That's primarily why usernames have been dropped for MIDAS v4.

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