MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: authenticate_user

Available in API 2.11+
Authenticate against an existing MIDAS user account.

Note: "authenticate_user" API calls respect the "Max Invalid Login Attempts" security setting.

Tip: For increased security, we strongly advise that "authenticate_user" API calls are only made using http POST methods (and not http GET methods)

Required ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
emailEmail AddressEmail address of account to authenticate
pwStringCorresponding password for account to authenticate
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
bypass_fail_count0 | 1If set to 1, the API will bypass the previously failed login count checking & incrementing. If omitted, or explicitly set to 0, each failed authentication attempt via the API will count towards a failed login attempt against the user account. After too many failed login attempts, user accounts are automatically locked. This threshold may be set within the software via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Security
include_locked0 | 1If set to 1 the API will be allowed to authenticate accounts even if user account is locked/suspended. If omitted, or explicitly set to 0, authentication will fail for user accounts which are currently locked/suspended
Example Response
Variables ReturnedDescription
authenticatedReturns "1" if supplied email address and corresponding password are valid, otherwise returns "0"
idIf the returned "authenticated" response is "1", the "id" parameter contains the internal user ID of the authenticated account