How To Add A User Account

This video tutorial covers adding new user accounts.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can add new user accounts to the system.

Now you can also bulk import user accounts, and this will be covered in a separate tutorial.

For this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add accounts manually.

So we do this via MIDAS Admin Options and we select "Manage Users & Permissions" from the drop-down.

To add a new user account we click "New User".

We then enter the name of the user, so we'll call him Joe Bloggs, and we enter his email address, and we can generate a random password for him by clicking "Random".

We'll select this box to have the details automatically emailed to him and we'll make sure that he has to change his password upon his first login.

To the right of the screen we can then choose which permissions are associated with Joe's account.

We can quickly assign permissions from a group, so we could make him a "view only" user for example, and you'll see all these permissions change accordingly.

Or we could make him an administrator, or we can individually grant and revoke permissions if we wish instead.

The permissions that are associated with each group from the drop-down list here can be configured via the "Groups" tab.

So here's a list of our user groups and we can select one of these and change the permissions for that group accordingly.

So back in the "Users" tab, once we've set up the permissions for Joe - so let's make him a regular user - we simply click "Save Changes" and Joe has been added to the system.

Now as you can see there's an extensive range of user permissions that can be associated with each account - far too many to go into in detail here, but they are all covered in depth in the help documentation.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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