MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: Usage Limits

The following information applies to cloud-hosted customers using the MIDAS API. It does not apply to self-hosted API customers.

In order to ensure service quality for all our cloud-hosted customers, we have a "fair usage" policy in place in relation to making API calls.

API call frequency limits

We employ rate-limiting on inbound traffic to our servers.

To avoid hitting these limits, please ensure that you limit the frequency of API calls to your cloud-hosted MIDAS system.

An excessively high frequency of API calls may result in your IP address being automatically blocked and/or your API access being suspended.

Guidance: Limit the frequency of API calls to an average of no more than one API call per second (and a maximum of 720 API calls per hour).

API bandwidth limits

The MIDAS API is capable of returning very large data sets.

Customers routinely making API calls which return extremely large data sets may result in their API access being suspended.

You should therefore carefully consider the parameters you pass along with your API calls to ensure that they restrict the data set being returned to the minimum amount of information you require.

Guidance: Craft your API calls to return the minimum size of data you require (and a maximum of 480 MB of data per day).

What happens if I exceed these limits?

If you exceed these limits, API access to your MIDAS system will be temporarily suspended, with subsequent API calls returning an error. API access will be automatically re-instated once API usage falls below these limits again.

For advice on reducing your API usage to avoid hitting these limits, please see our KB article: How to reduce API usage.

Can I monitor my API usage?

From API v4.28+, you can view your current API usage via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → API Access.

API usage may also be monitored directly through the API itself via the new "util_api_usage" call.

Can I increase these limits?

We believe the frequency/bandwidth limits outlined above are fair, and will not impact the vast majority of API users.

However, if you are regularly exceed these limits and are unable to refactor your code to reduce the frequency of API requests and/or the amount of data returned by your API calls, then please contact us. We may be able to increase your limits for an additional charge.

Alternatively, you may like to consider migrating to a self-hosted MIDAS system. API calls to self-hosted MIDAS systems do not have any usage limits imposed.