MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: Appendix B - Setting Names

The following settings may be used in conjunction with the "get_setting" and "set_setting" calls. The "Settable" column denotes which settings can be changed via the "set_setting" call.
SettingDescriptionExample ValueSettable
api_versionCurrent version of the MIDAS API2.45
availability_alt_bufferThis setting (in Minutes) enforces a "gap" (spacing) when offering earlier/later alternative times in a venue15
availability_alt_earlierIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer an earlier time in the event of an Unavailable venue1
availability_alt_ignorervsIf "1" MIDAS will not enforce venue resource restrictions when offering alternative venues1
availability_alt_laterIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer a later time in the event of an Unavailable venue1
availability_alt_venueIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer an alternative venue in the event that desired times are unavailable1
availability_display_prepostIf "1", times shown on the Booking Availability screen will include any setup/breakdown times1
availability_estimate_costsIf "1", estimated charges for bookings/resource will be indicated on the Booking Availability screen0
availability_include_pendingIf "1" MIDAS takes into account any pending booking requests when checking booking availability. If "0" confirmed bookings can be made over provisional booking slots0
availability_post_bufferMaintains a fixed spacing (in minutes) after each booking before the next booking may commence15
availability_pre_bufferMaintains a fixed spacing (in minutes) before each booking to that of the end of the previous booking15
backup_emailThe email address that automated database backups are sent to[email protected]
backup_lastThe time of the last backup (epoch seconds)1365609454
backup_persistThe number of days to keep backups on server7
bookings_overbook_postIf "1" a booking following on from another booking may start during the breakdown time of the previous0
bookings_overbook_preIf "1" a booking will be allowed to end during the setup time of a booking following on from it0
bookings_prompt_add_clientIf "1" MIDAS will prompt for additional client details when adding bookings for a new client0
bookings_use_mapIf "1" users can visually book from a floorplan or map.
If "0" users select bookable spaces from a list of venues.
build_dateCurrent MIDAS build date1365608000
callto_enabledIf "1" client phone/cell numbers become clickable "callto" links within MIDAS1
checkintimeSets the check in time (in 24hour HHMM format) for when the time selector is set to "Nights"1500
checkouttimeSets the check out time (in 24 hour HHMM format) for when the time selector is set to "Nights"1100
cron_enable_invoice_overdueIf "1" automated invoice overdue notifications are enabled1
cron_enable_invoice_remindIf "1" automated upcoming invoice reminders are enabled1
cron_enable_invoice_sendIf "1" automated sending of unsent invoices is enabled1
cron_enable_post_feedbackIf "1" automated post-booking follow up emails are enabled1
cron_enable_start_remindIf "1" automated upcoming booking reminders are enabled1
cron_hourThe hour (0-24) during which daily scheduled tasks should run11
cron_invoice_overdueThe number of days after an unpaid invoice was due to automatically send an overdue notification to the client7
cron_invice_remindThe number of days before an unpaid invoice is due to automatically send a payment reminder to the client3
cron_lastThe time that scheduled tasks were last run (epoch seconds)1407123529
cron_post_feedbackThe number of hours after bookings have completed to send automated post-booking follow up emails24
cron_start_remindIf "1" automated upcoming booking reminders are enabled1
datetime_amsymbolThe symbol denoting the first 12 hours of the day (when running in 12 hour clock mode)AM
datetime_datefirstIf "1" dates are shown before times, otherwise times are shown before dates1
datetime_dateformatThe date formatDD/MM/YYYY
datetime_dtlinkThe link symbol between date and time@
datetime_gmtoffsetThe timezone's GMT offset0
datetime_mintervalThe granularity of minutes5
datetime_pmsymbolThe symbol denoting the first 12 hours of the day (when running in 12 hour clock mode)PM
datetime_startofweekThe day that should be considered the start of the week (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, etc)1
datetime_timeformatThe time formatHH:mm
datetime_timenowThe current time (in epoch seconds)1365696187
datetime_timezoneThe timezoneEurope/London
datetime_ttlinkThe link symbol between two times-
datetime_vcaltzfixIf "1" times in VCALS are adjusted to UTC times for compatibility with some 3rd party calendar apps don't support "local" times0
default_booktypeThe numeric ID of a booking type set as the default booking type3
email_allsendfromIf "1" all outgoing email from MIDAS will be sent from the "email_sendfrom" address. If "0", only system-generated emails (such as password reset requests, etc) will be sent from the "email_sendfrom" address. User-initiated email (i.e. sending an email or invoice to a client, etc) will instead send mail appearing to be sent from the email address associated with the user's account0
email_bccAn email address that outgoing email should be bcc'd to[email protected]
email_bcc_whatA string of 4-character codes denoting which type of emails should be bcc'd. Possible codes are:
"mail" (Generic email), "bcan" (Booking cancellations), "bcon" (Booking confirmations), "brem" (Booking reminders), "rapp" (Booking request approved), "rapm" (booking request approved with changes), "rrej" (Booking request rejected), "rsub" (Booking request submitted), "invo" (Invoice), "iovr" (Invoice Overdue), "irmd" (Invoice Reminder), "rcpt" (Receipt)
email_compatIf "1" outgoing emails will be sent in compatibility mode for the benefit of older email clients0
email_mergeIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to reduce outgoing email volume by automatically combining similar emails, otherwise if "0" MIDAS will send emails individually1
email_reply_toOptionally specify a "reply to" email address for all outgoing mail[email protected]
evac_include_prepostIf "1", times shown on Emergency Evacuation printouts will include any setup/breakdown times1
invoicing_amounts_ex_taxIf "1", invoice amounts are show excluding tax1
invoicing_apply_discIf "1", booking type discounts apply to venues only. If "2", discounts apply to resources only. If "12", discounts apply to both venues + resources. If "0", no discounts will be applied1
invoicing_cancel_amountThe amount (fixed or percentage) to charge in late cancellation fees20%
invoicing_cancel_enabledIf "1" and a booking is cancelled (deleted) within invoicing_cancel_leadtime hours of when the booking was due to commence, a cancellation invoice will be created1
invoicing_cancel_leadtimeSpecifies (in hours) the cut-off point before a booking commences after which a cancellation invoice can be generated if the booking is cancelled (deleted)168
invoicing_cancel_taxSpecifies a percentage tax rate to apply to cancellation invoices20
invoicing_counterThe next regular invoice number to be generated4
invoicing_counter_cancelThe next cancellation invoice number to be generated4
invoicing_counter_creditThe next credit note number to be generated4
invoicing_counter_depositThe next deposit invoice number to be generated4
invoicing_createbydefaultIf "1" the "Create Invoice" option is checked when adding bookings0
invoicing_createifzeroIf "1" invoices will be created even if the calculated invoice total is zero. If "0" invoices will only be created if their values are non-zero1
invoicing_currencycodeThe currency codeUSD
invoicing_currencysymbolThe currency symbol$
invoicing_decimalsepThe decimal separator.
invoicing_deposit_amountThe amount to charge on deposit invoices. Can be an absolute value, or a percentage of total booking cost20%
invoicing_deposit_deductIf "1" the value of a deposit invoice is deducted from the total value of the corresponding regular invoice0
invoicing_deposit_enabledIf "1" deposit invoices are enabled1
invoicing_deposit_taxSpecifies a percentage tax rate to apply to deposit invoices20
invoicing_generate_notesThe internal name of a booking field to optionally include in the "notes" section on generated invoicesnotes
invoicing_include_prepostIf "1" booking length takes into account setup/breakdown times for the purposes of invoicing. If "0" setup/breakdown periods are not invoiced for0
invoicing_includezeroIf "1" items will be included on invoices even if their total value is zero. If "0" invoices will only include items that have an associated cost1
invoicing_itemize_notesIf "1" notes on invoices will be itemized per booking. If "0" invoice notes will be combined1
invoicing_no_booking_modIf "1" bookings from which invoices have been generated can then no longer be modified0
invoicing_no_invoice_deleteIf "1" invoices cannot be deleted/removed from the system until they have been paid in full0
invoicing_paid_if_zeroIf "1" when generating an invoice totaling zero, the invoice will be marked as "Paid In Full". If "0" a generated invoice totaling zero will not automatically be marked as paid0
invoicing_partial_paymentsIf "1" partial invoice payments are allowed. If "0" invoices can only be paid in full1
invoicing_pay_require_emailIf "1" clients are required to enter their email address in order to view their invoice online1
invoicing_paypal_accountYour PayPal email address (Required to accept payments via PayPal)[email protected]
invoicing_paypal_enabledIf "1" online invoice payments are allowed via PayPal1
invoicing_prefixThe prefix that is prepended to all regular invoice numbersMIDAS
invoicing_prefix_cancelThe prefix that is prepended to all cancellation invoice numbersCANCEL
invoicing_prefix_creditThe prefix that is prepended to all credit note numbersCREDIT
invoicing_prefix_depositThe prefix that is prepended to all deposit invoice numbersDEPOSIT
invoicing_resource_additionalHow resource items appear on invoices.
"0" = Name
"1" = Name (Venue)
"2" = Name (Date/Times)
"3" = Name (Venue, Date/Times)
invoicing_roundingIf "1" invoice values are rounded up to the nearest whole number 01
invoicing_send_as_pdfIf "1" invoices are sent via email to clients as PDF attachments.
If "0" invoices are sent to clients enclosed within the body of the email
invoicing_silentdiscIf "1" booking type discounts are applied to invoices without any indication. If "0" invoices will denote that a discount has been applied0
invoicing_stripe_enabledIf "1" online invoice payments are allowed via Stripe1
invoicing_stripe_pkYour Stripe Publishable Key (Required to accept payments via Stripe)pk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
invoicing_stripe_skYour Stripe Secret Key (Required to accept payments via Stripe)sk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
invoicing_taxThe default tax percentage to be added to invoices0
invoicing_termsThe default payment terms (days) for invoices30
invoicing_thousandsepThe thousand separator,
maxnightsThe maximum number of nights stay to permit when the time selector is set to "Nights"14
occupancy_maxThe maximum number of people allowed on your site at any one time510
occupancy_showShow the occupancy level when adding/modifying bookings1
occupancy_warnWarn if the number of people on site exceeds this value300
pdf_marginsA pipe separated list of PDF page margins to apply (in the order top|bottom|left|right). The final value is the unit of measurement of the margins (i.e. "mm" for millimeters)10|10|10|10|mm
pdf_orientationThe page orientation (Portrait or Landscape) of generated PDFsPortrait
pdf_sizeThe page size of generated PDFsA4
print_evactoleranceWhen printing Emergency Evacuation Data, this number reflects how many minutes either side of the current time the calculation of the number of people on site should account for15
print_sortbyThe booking field to sort booking print outs bystart
print_sortdirThe sort order of print outs (0 = ascending, 1 = descending)0
print_split_resourcesIf "1" resources will be split into their categories on printouts0
public_update_clientsIf "1" existing client records will be updated based on data entered on public booking/request screens0
resources_overbook_postIf "1" a booking following on from another booking may use the same resources during the breakdown time of the first booking and setup time of the second0
resources_overbook_preIf "1" a booking following on from another booking may use the same resources during the setup time of that booking during the breakdown time of the previous0
search_maxresultsThe maximum number of search results to return per page50
security_hibpIf "1" new user passwords are checked against the "Have I been Pwned?" service1
security_new_device_alertIf "1" users are alerted upon logins from unfamiliar devices1
send_booking_confirmsControls the state of the "Send Booking Confirmation" box on Booking Availability screens. "0" is off by default, "1" is on by default, "2" is always on1
tentative_enabledIf "1" tentative booking expiration is enabled, if "0" tentative bookings won't expire1
upload_max_sizeThe maximum permitted size of file uploads (in MB)5
versionCurrent MIDAS version4.28
view_autoclose_alertsThe number of seconds the "My Messages" pop-up should display for, if enabled by users10
view_autoclose_notesThe number of seconds after which any "day notes" pop-ups should automatically close15
view_changemonthcellAllow users to choose what's displayed in the monthly overview1
view_cutoffdaysThe number of days to keep temporary logs for30
view_defaultThe default view in the Booking GridAll
view_gridrowheightThe height (in pixels) of each row in the booking grid30
view_gridvenuewidthThe width (in pixels) of the first column in the booking grid100
view_showonblocksThe booking field(s) to show on booking "blocks" in the booking gridorganisation
view_showonmonthcellThe booking field to show on dates in the monthly overviewclient
view_showontoolsThe booking field(s) to show on tooltips when hovering over booking "blocks" in the booking gridorganisation
view_updatefrequencyThe number of seconds between successive background data refreshes30
view_viewsizeThe number of days to show in the booking grid by default1
webbook_enabledIf "1" public web booking is enabled, if "0" public web booking is disabled1
webbook_expireThe length of time (in minutes) a public web booking is held before being automatically removed if not paid for by the client within this time frame15
webbook_invoiceIf "1" invoices are automatically created when web bookings are made1
webrequest_alloweddomainsA comma separated list of email domains from which public bookings/requests are permitted@example.com,@hotmail.com
webrequest_autoapproveIf "1" booking requests are auto-approved. If "0" booking requests must be approved by an administrator0
webrequest_autoapprove_fromA comma separated list of email address/domains from which booking requests are automatically approved@example.com,@hotmail.com
webrequest_autoapprove_typeA comma separated list of internal booking type IDs for which booking requests are automatically approved1,3,4
webrequest_blockcolorThe color of existing booking blocks on the public booking/request screenred
webrequest_bulkapprove_orderControls the order in which booking requests are bulk approved (0 = Earliest requested approved first, 1 = Latest requested first, 2 = Earliest commencing first, 3 = Latest commencing first)0
webrequest_disablepastThe date (YYYYMMDD) past which public bookings/requests are not permitted20251231
webrequest_enabledIf "1" public booking requests are enabled, if "0" public booking requests are disabled1
webrequest_leadintimeThe number of days in advance public bookings/requests must be made7
webrequest_leadouttimeThe number of days in advance public bookings/requests are allowed to be made for14
webrequest_showcapacitiesIf "1" selected venue's capacities are shown during public booking/requesting. If "0" venue capacities are not revealed to requestors1
webrequest_showclosedIf "1" selected venue's operating hours are shown during public booking/requesting. If "0" operating hours are not revealed to requestors0
webrequest_showonblocksWhat information should be shown on booking blocks in the public bookings/requests screentimes
webrequest_use_mapIf "1" enables visually booking/requesting from a floorplan or map on the public bookings/request screen.
If "0" users select spaces to book/request from a list of venues on public booking/requesting screens.
webrequest_venue_auto_selectIf "1" venue auto selection is enabled for public booking/requests0