Appendix B - Setting Names

The following settings may be used in conjunction with the "get_setting" and "set_setting" calls. The "Settable" column denotes which settings can be changed via the "set_setting" call.
SettingDescriptionExample ValueSettable
api_versionCurrent version of the MIDAS API2.14
availability_alt_bufferThis setting (in Minutes) enforces a "gap" (spacing) when offering earlier/later alternative times in a venue15
availability_alt_earlierIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer an earlier time in the event of an Unavailable venue1
availability_alt_ignorervsIf "1" MIDAS will not enforce venue resource restrictions when offering alternative venues1
availability_alt_laterIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer a later time in the event of an Unavailable venue1
availability_alt_venueIf "1" MIDAS will attempt to offer an alternative venue in the event that desired times are unavailable1
availability_estimate_costsIf "1", estimated charges for bookings/resource will be indicated on the Booking Availability screen0
availability_include_pendingIf "1" MIDAS takes into account any pending booking requests when checking booking availability. If "0" confirmed bookings can be made over provisional booking slots0
backup_emailThe email address that automated database backups are sent tobackup@yourdomain.com
backup_lastThe time of the last backup (epoch seconds)1365609454
backup_persistThe number of days to keep backups on server7
build_dateCurrent MIDAS build date1365608000
callto_enabledIf "1" client phone/cell numbers become clickable "callto" links within MIDAS1
cron_enable_invoice_overdueIf "1" automated invoice overdue notifications are enabled1
cron_enable_invoice_remindIf "1" automated upcoming invoice reminders are enabled1
cron_enable_invoice_sendIf "1" automated sending of unsent invoices is enabled1
cron_enable_start_remindIf "1" automated upcoming booking reminders are enabled1
cron_hourThe hour (0-24) during which daily scheduled tasks should run11
cron_invoice_overdueThe number of days after an unpaid invoice was due to automatically send an overdue notification to the client7
cron_invice_remindThe number of days before an unpaid invoice is due to automatically send a payment reminder to the client3
cron_lastThe time that scheduled tasks were last run (epoch second)1407123529
cron_start_remindIf "1" automated upcoming booking reminders are enabled1
datetime_amsymbolThe symbol denoting the first 12 hours of the day (when running in 12 hour clock mode)AM
datetime_datefirstIf "1" dates are shown before times, otherwise times are shown before dates1
datetime_dateformatThe date formatDD/MM/YYYY
datetime_dtlinkThe link symbol between date and time@
datetime_gmtoffsetThe timezone's GMT offset0
datetime_mintervalThe granularity of minutes5
datetime_pmsymbolThe symbol denoting the first 12 hours of the day (when running in 12 hour clock mode)PM
datetime_startofweekThe day that should be considered the start of the week (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, etc)1
datetime_timeformatThe time formatHH:mm
datetime_timenowThe current time (in epoch seconds)1365696187
datetime_timezoneThe timezoneEurope/London
datetime_ttlinkThe link symbol between two times-
email_bccThe email address that outgoing email should be bcc'd tobcc@yourdomain.com
email_sendfromThe email address that outgoing email should appear sent frommidas@yourdomain.com
invoicing_apply_discIf "1", booking type discounts apply to venues only. If "2", discounts apply to resources only. If "12", discounts apply to both venues + resources. If "0", no discounts will be applied1
invoicing_cancel_amountThe amount (fixed or percentage) to charge in late cancellation fees20%
invoicing_cancel_enabledIf "1" and a booking is cancelled (deleted) within invoicing_cancel_leadtime hours of when the booking was due to commence, a cancellation invoice will be created1
invoicing_cancel_leadtimeSpecifies (in hours) the cut-off point before a booking commences after which a cancellation invoice can be generated if the booking is cancelled (deleted)168
invoicing_counterThe next invoice number to be generated4
invoicing_createbydefaultIf "1" the "Create Invoice" option is checked when adding bookings0
invoicing_createifzeroIf "1" invoices will be created even if the calculated invoice total is zero. If "0" invoices will only be created if their values are non-zero1
invoicing_currencycodeThe currency codeUSD
invoicing_currencysymbolThe currency symbol$
invoicing_decimalsepThe decimal separator.
invoicing_includezeroIf "1" items will be included on invoices even if their total value is zero. If "0" invoices will only include items that have an associated cost1
invoicing_itemize_notesIf "1" notes on invoices will be itemized per booking. If "0" invoice notes will be combined1
invoicing_generate_notesThe internal name of a booking field to optionally include in the "notes" section on generated invoicesnotes
invoicing_no_booking_modIf "1" bookings from which invoices have been generated can then no longer be modified0
invoicing_no_invoice_deleteIf "1" invoices cannot be deleted/removed from the system until they have been paid in full0
invoicing_paid_if_zeroIf "1" when generating an invoice totaling zero, the invoice will be marked as "Paid In Full". If "0" a generated invoice totaling zero will not automatically be marked as paid0
invoicing_paypal_accountYour PayPal email address (Required to accept payments via PayPal)paypal@yourdomain.com
invoicing_paypal_enabledIf "1" online invoice payments are allowed via PayPal1
invoicing_pay_require_emailIf "1" clients are required to enter their email address in order to view their invoice online1
invoicing_prefixThe prefix that is prepended to all regular invoice numbersMIDAS
invoicing_prefix_cancelThe prefix that is prepended to all cancellation invoice numbersCANCEL
invoicing_roundingIf "1" invoice values are rounded up to the nearest whole number 01
invoicing_silentdiscIf "1" booking type discounts are applied to invoices without any indication. If "0" invoices will denote that a discount has been applied0
invoicing_stripe_enabledIf "1" online invoice payments are allowed via Stripe1
invoicing_stripe_pkYour Stripe Publishable Key (Required to accept payments via Stripe)pk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
invoicing_stripe_skYour Stripe Secret Key (Required to accept payments via Stripe)sk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
invoicing_taxThe default tax percentage to be added to invoices0
invoicing_thousandsepThe thousand separator,
occupancy_maxThe maximum number of people allowed on your site at any one time510
occupancy_showShow the occupancy level when adding/modifying bookings1
occupancy_warnWarn if the number of people on site exceeds this value300
print_evactoleranceWhen printing Emergency Evacuation Data, this number reflects how many minutes either side of the current time the calculation of the number of people on site should account for15
print_sortbyThe booking field to sort booking print outs bystart
print_sortdirThe sort order of print outs (0 = ascending, 1 = descending)0
search_maxresultsThe maximum number of search results to return per page50
versionCurrent MIDAS version4.03
view_autoclose_alertsThe number of seconds the "My Messages" pop-up should display for, if enabled by users10
view_autoclose_notesThe number of seconds after which any "day notes" pop-ups should automatically close15
view_changemonthcellAllow users to choose what's displayed in the monthly overview1
view_cutoffdaysThe number of days to keep temporary logs for30
view_defaultThe default view in the Booking GridAll
view_gridrowheightThe height (in pixels) of each row in the booking grid30
view_gridvenuewidthThe width (in pixels) of the first column in the booking grid100
view_showonblocksThe booking field(s) to show on booking "blocks" in the booking gridorganisation
view_showonmonthcellThe booking field to show on dates in the monthly overviewclient
view_showontoolsThe booking field(s) to show on tooltips when hovering over booking "blocks" in the booking gridorganisation
view_updatefrequencyThe number of seconds between successive background data refreshes30
view_viewsizeThe number of days to show in the booking grid by default1
webrequest_alloweddomainsA comma separated list of email domains from which booking requests are permitted@yourdomain.com,@hotmail.com
webrequest_autoapproveIf "1" booking requests are auto-approved. If "0" booking requests must be approved by an administrator0
webrequest_blockcolorThe color of existing booking blocks on the public booking request screenred
webrequest_disablepastThe date (YYYYMMDD) past which booking requests are not permitted20141231
webrequest_enabledIf "1" public booking requests are enabled, if "0" public booking requests are disabled1
webrequest_leadintimeThe number of days in advance public booking request must be made7
webrequest_leadouttimeThe number of days in advance public booking request are allowed to be made for14
webrequest_showcapacitiesIf "1" selected venue's capacities are shown during public booking requesting. If "0" venue capacities are not revealed to requestors1
webrequest_showclosedIf "1" selected venue's operating hours are shown during public booking requesting. If "0" operating hours are not revealed to requestors0
webrequest_showonblocksWhat information should be shown on booking blocks in the public booking request screentimes