MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: add_booking

Available in API 2.0+
Adds a new booking
Required ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
startValid date and time
Booking start time
endValid date and time
Booking end time
venueVenue ID | Venue NameThe unique numeric ID or the name of the venue the booking is for
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
preNumberThe number of minutes setup time before the booking start time
postNumberThe number of minutes breakdown time after the booking end time
clientClient IDThe numeric ID of the existing client that the booking to be added is for
typeType ID | Type NameThe numeric ID of the Booking Type, or the name of the Booking Type the booking should be assigned
attendeesNumberThe number of booking attendees
notesStringNotes about the booking
resourcesQuantity & Resource ID | Resource NameResources to be added to the booking. Values should be passed as "qty|resource (ID or name)".
For example, to add 2 Tables to a booking, pass "2|Tables".
This parameter can be added multiple times to add further resources
accept_limited_resources0 | 1For bookings with Resources, this parameter determines whether those bookings should still be added if the quantity of resources requested isn't available.
For example, if you add 10 Tables to a booking, yet only 5 Tables are available, an error will be returned and the booking won't be added. However, passing the accept_limited_resources parameter with a value of "1" will add the booking, but with reduced resource quantities (in the previous example, this would mean that only 5 Tables would be added to the booking, instead of the desired 10)
no_watches0 | 1Setting the "no_watches" parameter to "1" will suppress generation of Watch notifications for users who are monitoring new bookings, otherwise omitting this parameter (or setting it to "0") will allow Watch notifications to be generated accordingly
statusrequest | confirmedIf omitted or set to "confirmed", bookings will be added.
If set to "request", the booking will be added as a provisional booking "request" only
custom fieldsCustom valueIf you've defined custom booking fields in your MIDAS, you can optionally specify values for these fields for the booking you're adding.
For example, if you have a custom field named "My Custom Field", you would pass the parameter "my_custom_field" together with the value you wish to set
Example Response
Variables Returned
(on success)
booking_addedA unique booking ID corresponding the newly added booking
Variables Returned
(on error)
errorThe reason why the booking couldn't be added. Examples include:
Unavailable (clashes with an existing booking)
Unavailable - Blocked By Meeting Room 1
45 Attendees will exceed the maximum capacity of Meeting Room 1 (15)
Outside Operating Hours
Venue unavailable from 1/1/2015
Venue unavailable between 1/1/2015-1/2/2015
Venue not available until 1/1/2015
Only x5 Tables Available