MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: del_client

Available in API 2.0+
Deletes existing client records.
Required Parameters
(at least 1 required)
Possible ValuesDescription
idClient IDThe unique numerical id of the client (which can be determined from the "get_client" call)
Passing this parameter will override all other required parameters
clientStringClient name
orgStringOrganization name
emailEmail AddressEmail address
addressStringPostal/Mailing address
phoneNumberTelephone number
faxNumberFax number
mobileNumberMobile/Cell number
notesStringNotes about the client
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
retain_bookings1 | 0By default, when a client is deleted, all associated bookings for the client are also deleted. Passing the retain_bookings parameter with a value of "1" will mean that no bookings will be removed when a client is deleted
Example Response
Variables ReturnedDescription
clients_deletedThe number of clients deleted
bookings_deletedThe number of bookings deleted