MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: add_resource

Available in API 2.0+
Adds a new resource to the system.
Required ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
resourceStringThe name of the new resource
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
typeequipment | consumable | staffing | <custom category>The type (category) of resource to be added. If this parameter is omitted, the resource type will default to "equipment"
qtyNumberThe available quantity of the new resource. If this parameter is omitted an "Unlimited" available quantity will be assumed
chargeDecimalThe charge (without currency symbol - i.e. 10.00) for the resource. This will be a per-hour charge where the "type parameter is set to "staffing", otherwise this is a per-booking charge
taxPercentageThe tax rate to be charged against the item to be added. If omitted, the global default tax rate will be used
public0 | 1Sets whether the resource is publicly requestable/bookable (can appear on the Public Booking/Request screen). If this parameter is omitted, the resource won't be publicly requestable/bookable
venuesVenue IDsA comma-separated list of Venue ID's the resource will be available to. If this parameter is omitted, the resource will be available to all venues
Example Response
Variables ReturnedDescription
resource_addedA unique resource ID corresponding the newly added resource